June 03, 2017

Hello sweeties! I firstly want to say a quick sorry for being so absent on my blog over the past couple of months. Life just got pretty hectic, to say the least! I am currently sitting my first year of NCEA as I am a year 11 student, so my homework has been insane and I have had no time for blogging. I have missed it so much, and I'm not saying I'll be back into weekly posts, but I'll try my best to continue posting when I can. I was also having a lot of problems with my photo editing apps and it became more of a chore than the creative outlet I wanted blogging to be. So in light of my return to Sweet As Mae, I'm going to strip it right back to basics today, and share 50 facts about me. For readers old or new, hopefully you can get to know me a bit better :)

1. I have been dancing since the age of 8 and it is one of my biggest passions

2. My least favourite food is tomato sauce

3. Autumn is my favourite season

4. I have four older siblings; three brothers and two sisters

5. This year I am taking English, Maths, NCEA Level 2 Science, NCEA Level 2 Dance, History and Economics at school

6. Ohope beach in New Zealand is my all time favourite beach

7. I can play the piano and it's one of my favourite hobbies

8. I used to play badminton competitively

9. I have never broken a bone

10. I'm terrified of jellyfish, wasps and clowns

11. I hate horror movies

12. I love reading (especially classics) and The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite novels

13. I'm a total animal lover and would love to have heaps of pets when I'm older!

14. David Bowie is my favourite artist of all time

15. I love retro and vintage clothing, and buy most of my clothing from op shops

16. I love youtubers and Zoella is my all time favourite youtuber, and the inspiration for my blog

17. I am obsessed with Christmas and everything about Christmas!

18. 70s and 80s music is my preferred jam genre

19. I have had my adenoids taken out 

20. I am terrible at drawing, and don't understand how people make drawings look real (but I can draw a fab stick figure)

21. I am a total perfectionist

22. The Lion King is one of my favourite movies, and I've watched it so many times I could probably recite it word for word

23. I would love to be a vet or a psychologist when I'm older (and blog in my spare time of course!)

24. I got a severe case of an illness called Mesenteric Adenitis when I was 11

25. Mashed potato is one of my favourite foods

26. I love grocery shopping. And yep, I am 15

27. I have a diary that I write in daily - when I remember!

28. My shoe size is woman's 7

29. I have a super sensitive digestive system and any extra fatty foods (like pizza or fried chicken) make me feel nauseous

30. I have been to the United States and Australia, but no where else over seas

31. I love organising things and spend a lot of time writing lists and plans

32. When I'm older I would love a mini cooper car

33. Converse are my favourite shoes

34. Although I love fashion I spend a lot of my time wearing sweatpants and hoodies

35. I have moved house 8 times in my life so far

36. I have a huge CD collection, filled mostly with the Bee Gees, David Bowie and Guns and Roses

37. I have been to 6 concerts in my life so far; Taylor Swift, The Script, One Direction (yes I was a 12 year old Directioner don't judge), Bruno Mars, Maroon 5 and Selena Gomez

38. I know the lyrics to most songs with a bridge rap from the 90s and 2000s and pride myself on my vast lyric knowledge. I think I have too much free time?

39. I have terrible eyesight and started wearing glasses at the age of seven, but switched to contact lenses when I was 13

40. I'm in a steady relationship with my pyjamas and Disney movies

41. I hate camping unless it's in cabins and food is provided (so pretty much glamping)

42. Chocolate milk is my favourite beverage

43. Wizards of Waverly Place, Victorious, iCarly, Hannah Montana and the Suite Life of Zack and Cody were my top childhood shows.

44. My top five celebrity crushes include: Leonardo Dicaprio, Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, Josh Duhamel and Cole Sprouse

45. I love fruit and could probably live on mandarins

46. I love musicals

47. My birthday is October 5 and star sign is Libra

48. I have watched every single episode of Dance Moms at least twice

49. I have really small hands and feet

50. Pink is my favourite colour :)

What are some facts about you? I'd love to know!

Stay Sweet,
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