New year, new Mae?

January 26, 2017

Hello Sweeties! It feels like for the past three weeks my whole blogger feed has been filled with motivational posts based around the new year and new year's goals and resolutions. I know it's late January, but I don't think it's ever to late to set some goals.

 I'm not a fan of the term "resolution". I prefer goal because for me January is less about writing an unrealistic list of things I'll be sick of by February, it's more about continuing to work at things I've been working towards. So today readers, I'm going to share a few of my top GOALS to continue in 2017 - hopefully they'll last till March this year!! (Kidding - kinda!)

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1. Master Calligraphy and Hand Lettering

This is a hobbie I became interested in late last year. I did a bit of hand lettering in December and this year I really want to continue to pursue that as it's something I really enjoy. There's something so lovely about a quote written in a curvy script font, and I would love to master the Instagram worthy hand-lettering in 2017!

2. Take more 'me' time

2016 was a year filled with stress and a lot of work. I'm the sort of person who becomes so involved with school work and studying that I forget to take a bit of me time. That is one explanation for the lack of posts in December; because although I love blogging and I enjoy it so much it doesn't feel like work, I was putting so much pressure on myself to get posts up I was starting to forget the reason why I blogged at all, and that was for some me time. This year I promise to relax a little more and make sure to pamper myself every so often.

3. Keep my mind AND body as healthy as possible

Related imageThis was something I was really succeeding in through October and November. Needless to say, December rolled around and I probably ate more chocolate and festive food than I needed to! I'm a naturally small build, I don't have a problem with my weight and I'm very happy with my size. However I find when I eat well and exercise consistently I feel better all round. I really notice a difference mentally and physically in myself when I'm keeping my body as healthy as possible and filling it with nutrition. Healthy mind and body is definitely something I want to stick to in 2017. 

4. Put extra effort into my blog

Although I don't want to put too much pressure myself in the way of blogging, I do want to gain a consistent blogging schedule that works for me. I want to be more organised with posts and really take care of my blog layout and content, something that went very downhill over Christmas time. I created my blog because it was something that was my own, something I could create myself and be happy with. In 2017 I want to be sure that I really am happy with my blog and posting good quality content all year!

5. Save, don't spend

This is a recycled goal from last year's 2016 resolutions (see that post here), and it's one I want to try my absolute best to continue. I think I really achieved that goal last year - I was a lot more careful with my money and made sure I bought things I will actually use! Since I'm turning 16 this year (where has the time gone?!) I should be being a tad more thoughtful with my purchases and make sure I am buying useful things.

What is your New Year's goal or reso?

Stay Sweet, 
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  1. Nice list of goals! Best wishes with them. Keeping a healthy mind and body is definitely important.

    1. For sure! Glad you enjoyed the post :)


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