Pro Fusion Cream Highlight and Contour Set Review

March 09, 2017

Hello Sweeties! I feel like cream contour has really hit a high in makeup popularity. My Instagram feed in constantly filled with makeup videos of beauty gurus contouring their faces with stunning cream products, and I've been on the hunt for some cream contour products for what feels like ages! I received this Pro Fusion cream contour stick set at Christmas, and I've been dying to post a review ever since. It would be a crime to hide my new found cream contour goodies from my fellow makeup junkies now, wouldn't it?


The Pro Fusion Highlight and Contour Cream Stick set includes three cream contour sticks; a dark grey-toned brown stick, a warm-toned brown stick and a pale yellow toned stick. All three shades are matte, and I believe the idea is to contour with the darkest shade, bronze with the warm toned brown and highlight/perfect with the pale highlighting stick. The kit includes a pink sponge for blending, which is actually a nice quality sponge. I wouldn't use it all over my face as I would prefer a sponge that is a bit softer when wet, however the pointed tip does work really well for blending the cream contour and it doesn't soak up any product. I often find sponges/brushes added into makeup kits are pretty low quality (a useless addition that just marks up the product price in my opinion :/), but I was pleasantly surprised as I have got some good use out of the sponge included!


This is more of a drugstore product, so the packaging is nothing that will blow your mind (sorry folks, no peach scented contour sticks!). However I do really like the simplicity of the sleek black packaging, it's nice and easy to find the colours in my makeup drawers - a big preference of mine as I am a makeup 'collector' shall we say - and they store well. Nice and practical, I think the packaging is decent for the price of the product but it's not the sort of "wow" packaging.



I'm so impressed with these cream contour sticks! Formula wise, these sticks are really high quality for the price. They glide on the skin so effortlessly, the product is so creamy and smooth while also being a dream to blend. I love makeup but I do prefer quick-and-easy, so the effortlessness of these contour sticks is ideal for me personally. I find they sit so well under and over makeup; I think everyone's different but I generally cream contour after I've applied my base product, whether that be foundation of a BB cream. The product doesn't shift the makeup underneath and it sits really nicely on a variety of my foundations/BB creams. Formula wise, these sticks are of such high quality especially considering the reasonable price of the set. 


Colour wise, I'm absolutely head over heels in love   . . . with two of the colours. Both of the brown shades are really suitable for my skin tone. I do have to be careful not to go too heavy handed as they're so pigmented, but the grey-toned brown is an amazing contour shade and the warm toned brown is perfect for bronzing my skin. I tend to apply the grey toned brown in the hollows of my cheeks and my temples, the shade is perfect for chiseling out my features. The warm toned brown works well for bronzing, although I don't apply too much as it is very warm toned. The highlight colour is the one I use the least and it's really just because it's not brightening or highlighting for my skin tone at all. It's about 2 shades too dark for my fair skin, it is just too yellow for my skin tone and doesn't work for me. I think the brown shades are quite universal in that they would suit a variety of skin tones, so if you have a medium skin tone all three shades should work for you. My fellow fair ladies - keep in mind that the highlighter shade may be too dark for you, but aside from that I love the brown shades. 


Although the highlighter shade is too dark for my skin tone, I still highly rate this product. I use the two brown cream contour sticks all the time and I think they're just the whole package. I would love to try some high end cream contour products to compare formulas, as I think these are great quality for such a reasonable price. If you're a makeup junkie and interested in trying some more affordable cream contour products I highly recommend you check these out as they're a winner in my book ;) 

Have you tried a cream contour stick?

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