Awkward Moments on Instagram

February 19, 2017

Hello Sweeties! Instagram is probably my favourite social media platform. I love seeing everyone's photos and I think it's such a lovely way to meet new people. I've had a non-blog Instagram account for a few years now, so a few weeks ago I thought it was about time I created an Instagram for my blog. In light of my new (ish) Instagram account and nearing 150 followers, I wanted to share a few Awkward Instagram moments. The sort of makes-you-cringe moments that you wish you could take back and never happened. If only it were that simple. This is a light hearted post so don't take it too seriously :) Let's take a trip down Awkward Street, shall we?

1. Posting a photo when no one is online

Picture this (pun intended); you've got a perfectly grammable pic that you're more proud of than you'd care to admit. It's going to look 10/10 on your feed and is pretty much the best photo EVER (at the time). You're ready. You hit the share button. Wait for the first like to light up your screen. Still waiting. Still waiting. Oh wait . . . no one's online. There's nothing more awkward than waiting for likes and comments that don't come. Then you have to shamefully delete your photo with nothing to show for it except a decrease in dignity. Terrible. 

2. Tagging the wrong account

This is a common occurrence for me on my personal Instagram. You think the level of shame and embarrassment that goes hand in hand with this awkward action would set me straight. But no. I remember once I tagged a boy who had a similar name to my friend, and I didn't even realise until he commented multiple questions marks. Then you have to awkwardly apologize for the mistake and tag your friend in one swift course of action. How awkward.

3. Making a typo in the caption

I take great thought and effort into crafting captions. A stellar caption must suit the photo, who's in it, without being too long and still taking your overall gram aesthetic into play. It's pretty much a science. So you've got your award winning caption, and you post. Then the comments are filled with the dreaded *. The worst part of mistyping in your caption is the traumatic aftermath of people correcting your mistake. Why does life do this to me? 

4. Liking an old photo

I have no shame in freely saying I often stalk people's old Instagram pics. It's the classic - you'll look up one person's gram and then find yourself 57 weeks deep into your best friend's ex boyfriend's cousin's sister's Instagram. Treacherous, to say the least. Your mid stalk and accidentally do the unthinkable; you like the photo. There's no going back. You unlike it as fast as you can but the damage has been done. The funny thing about this one is I've actually had a few friends of friends like my old photos and I know exactly what has happened - awkward much?

5. Liking an old comment

As if number 4 wasn't awkward enough, Instagram had to go and make comments likeable. The crippling realisation once you've liked an old comment on an old photo of someone's gram you don't know well enough to be hardcore stalking is undearable. Can I not stalk people's comments without the accidental comment like haunting me? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? 

6. Direct Message Seen

The dreaded "seen". This really tops off the list for me. You'll dm someone feeling confident and happy. Hours past by. Days maybe. You re visit your sent dm - and the shame of what is waiting for you is evident. The phantom Seen. You can't reply. You can't send another message. All that's left to do is to wait patiently for the awkward consequences to pass by. Agonizing. 

I hope you all enjoyed the post! I love doing Instagram related content - you can see my post Struggles Behind A Perfect Instagram here :)

Have you ever experienced an awkward moment on Instagram?

Stay Sweet,
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