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January 29, 2017

Hello Sweeties! Seeing "Back To School" adverts and stacks of 1B8 Books fill the shops is enough to send any student running for the hills. That reminder that your holiday is coming to an end is like an ominous cloud of school hanging over your head, but for me - being a total stationary nerd - buying a new set of colour-coded matching stationary makes the thought of going back to school a little less terrifying! 

I went on my annual stationary shop for the new school year recently, also picking up a few stationary bits and bobs for my at home stationary. It would've been a crime to buy a load of copper notebooks and fresh pens without sharing them with you guys, so apologies in advance if this post makes you run to your nearest stationary store and spend a bit too much money!

Typo Rose Gold Glitter A5 Buffalo Journal - NZD $17.99

Journals are the sort of thing I think you can never have too many of, especially if you're a blogger! I'm always in need of somewhere to write a list or plan a post, and what better journal to do it in than one covered in rose gold glitter? This journal is so pretty, and I love that although it's glittery the surface is smooth, so you don't have a trail of rose gold glitter around your work space (as magical as that may be!). Nice size, lined pages and it has a little pocket at the back for storing loose paper.  

Typo Rose Gold Sparkle Ballpoint Pen - NZD $8.99

Possibly one of the prettiest pens in my ever-growing collection, I'm obsessed with this rose gold pen. The glitter moves around when you tip the pen so it's so stunning, plus it's a really nice quality pen. The ink sort of flows out of it, if you know what I mean (pen lovers will understand). The only issues is it's so pretty I tend to use it for small amounts of writing because I'm terrified it will run out!

Pink Ballpoint pen - unknown

This is another pen I've been loving, but unfortunately I'm not sure where it's from because I got it as part of a Christmas present. Another nice quality writing tool, technically it was not a stationary haul purchase but I did get it around the same time and it's so cute I couldn't not include it.

Papermate Liquid Paper Correction Pen - NZD $6.99

I know Twink/corrector is sort of standard, but I wanted to include it because I really like that it's in pen form. A lot of Correctors these days come in pots and you have to paint over your mistake with a brush, and in all honesty I just can't be bothered. This is so much faster to use and dries really quickly, so it's ideal for impatient souls like myself!

Little Affirmations Box of Birds - NZD $20

I got a Little Affirmations french-themed set last year for my birthday, and I loved it so much I had to go out and buy myself another set. This one is extra cute, with bird illustrations by Kate Knapp and Twigseeds brand; she also illustrates some adorable pictures on cards and journals. These were basically to cute NOT to buy, and they look so lovely on my desk. Each card has a cute little inspirational quote, and they really brighten my day. One of my favourites so far is "Can you imagine what you would do if you could do all that you can?".

Faber-Castell Coloured Pencils Full 48 Pack - NZD $23.95

I've recently got back into colouring and I'm enjoying it so much. There's something so therapeutic and satisfying about colouring, and now that I'm back into it I knew it was time for a fresh set of coloured pencils. I went for trusty Faber-Castell, as they're my personal favourite brand for coloured pencils. I went for gold and splurged on the full set 48 pack - risky, I know. But I am definitely getting my money's worth and this beautiful new set of pencils (metallic gold and silver inclusive) is making colouring that extra bit special.

Typo Rose Gold Eiffel Scissors - NZD $17.99

Ok, I know these are kind of pricey for scissors. But look at them. LOOK AT THEM. Could you really see these in a shop and not buy them? Rose gold, Eiffel Tower and stationary all rolled into one beautiful package. These are possibly the prettiest scissors I've ever seen, and they look so nice displayed on my desk area. What more could you want in a pair of scissors?!

Various cards/postcards

I'm a total card hoarder, and while on my hunt for the cutest stationary ever I couldn't resist buying a few cute cards. These cards are all from a variety of places, but Typo and Kikki K are particularly extensive in their range of Instagramable cards. Here I have one with various dogs, another that simply states (the obvious - jk) "You're Awesome", a periodic table Happy Birthday card and an adorable bird card illustrated again by Kate Knapp. 

CThru Clear Book Sleeves - NZD $2.99

Another run of the mill item with a little twist. A lot of people like to cover their books, mostly in clear covers once you get to college. They pretty much just keep your school books less tattered and ragged for a longer period of time. But I always get so frustrated trying to put the covers on my books; 99.9% I'll end up with bumps, no matter how carefully I place and stick the cover. These are great because they're more like sleeves, so you can take them off and switch them up as often as you like. No sticking/bump dilemmas required, these sleeves are such a good idea and pretty much foolproof. 

Have you been stationary shopping recently?

 Stay Sweet,
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