Incorporating Colours into Your Wardrobe

February 23, 2017

Hello Sweeties! I've really been enjoying creating style content so far this year (check out my latest style post: The New Retro Wardrobe here), so today's blog post is another style related post. I think when it comes to style, incorporating colours is one of the things I struggle the most with. I'm a monochrome fanatic - most of my clothes are a variation of black white or grey. Recently I've been really trying to step out of my comfort zone a bit and incorporate a few more colourful items into my wardrobe, so I thought I would gather a few of my top tips/easy ways to incorporate colours into your wardrobe and share them with you all. 


Colourful accessories are usually my go to if I want to incorporate colours into my style. It's a lot more in my comfort zone than an outfit that is totally colourful. I love this shoulder bag, I got it for Christmas and it suits my retro style so well. I love pairing this purse with some ripped mom jeans, retro tee and a bomber for an easy look that still has a pop of colour! This handbag would probably be a little bit too adventurous for most people and I do have to be feeling extra brave to whip out the popcorn purse ;) 


Another go to of mine, I kinda have a sock obsession! I want to do a proper post dedicated to some of my favourite pairs and ways to style them because I love wearing patterned/colourful socks! I think they can add so much to a simplistic outfit and are definitely a more subtle way to add colour to your wardrobe. The ones I have here were a fairly recent purchase from Glassons, they're just plain white with little avocados all over them, but I think they're super cute and I've been adding them to a lot of my looks recently. 


Pastels are a great group of colours to utilize if you're wanting to incorporate colour into your style. Pastels are so lovely because they're a lot more subtle while still adding something different and more colourful to your style. Blush seems to be the pastel fave at the moment, I've been seeing a lot of blush tones all over Instagram fashion and Bloglovin in the past couple of months, and it's a great wearable fashion colour. I also like to incorporate a bit of pastel peach and pastel blue tones into my style where I can. 


Patched clothing items are great for those of us wanting to add a pop of colour to our wardrobes. A pair of simple denim jeans with a few colourful patches are a perfect way to subtlety add a bit of colour without venturing too far out of my monochrome comfort zone. The jeans featured here are from Zara and were probably my favourite clothing item of 2016. I love them so much, they're so unique and have a retro vibe to them which is of course an essential for me. I actually patched the shorts myself - I just purchased some simple light denim shorts from Jay Jays and then collected a variation of patches from different stores. They were all iron on patches so were very easy to attach to the shorts, but I did take the extra step and hand sew each one on after ironing just to make sure they last as long as possible. 

How do you like to incorporate colours into your wardrobe?

Stay Sweet,
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P.S Sorry that my photos are a little lower quality than usual - my photo editing app has started crashing on me and I couldn't save and upload the photos to my usual size so the quality isn't great :( sorry guys, hopefully I'll find a solution soon!

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