Being A Teenage Girl

July 19, 2015

Hi again! So I guess this is my first proper post, seeing as my last one was just a little introduction to my blog :) I'm having a lot of fun blogging already . . .. And thanks to the positive feedback <3
Anyway, I wanted to do this post on Being A Teenage Girl. I'm 13 years old, almost 14. And I've learnt so much about being a teenage girl already! I'm no expert, but I am just going to share my own personal experiences so far.

Firstly, I want to say that I don't think we Teen/Tween girls get enough respect for the hardships we have to face. Yes, it's obviously not as bad as anything like world poverty or War or global warming, but it's still pretty hard on us. There's so much to worry about! Between the ages of 12 and now my stress level and gone out of control, not to mention the fact that I was an emotional wreck when I first started becoming a teenager! Picture this: Me, sitting on my couch, watching Netflix and clutching a box of tissues in one hand and an ice cream tub in the other. Pathetic? I thought so. But then I started realizing that I wasn't the only girl bawling her eyes out while licking an ice cream scoop! This brings me on to one of the few good things about being a teenage girl - you're not the only one! I quickly realized that all my friends and classmates were going through the same thing! Knowing that you're not the only girl on an emotional roller coaster makes it much easier to deal with in my opinion. I talked about it all with my friends and we ending up cracking up over the silly things we had cried about, laughed about, screamed about even.
But then again, although this makes it slightly better, it can still be very difficult. Aside from going through a crazy emotional phase, here is a list of just somethings that are hard for teenage girls/make us anxious, stressed etc.

1. You start obsessing over how you look and are worried about being inadequate or 'ugly'
2. You are expected to look and act attractive to the opposite sex, no matter what the circumstances
3. The stress from trying to be perfect causes more outrageous emotions
4. These emotions can lead to tears, which lead to puffy red eyes. This leads to anything but perfection, causing you to repeat numbers 3 and 4 in a continuous cycle.
5. Your once perfect skin decides to break out. (This excludes girls blessed with natural perfect skin)
6. Everyone judges you. That's all I'm going to say.
7. Other girls start getting boyfriends and you don't know whether or not you should too
8. You and your friends will start to change which leads to broken friendships :(
9. Trying to find your place in the school popularity ranking
10. You wonder why everyone is so shallow

That may sound ridiculous, but let's be honest here; we teenage girls all go through this in one way or another. People are shallow, and people will judge you, but that's just how it is. Society makes you want to look presentable all the time, or 'perfect' all the time. All the stress over boyfriends and make up and popularity causes soooooo much stress on us teenage girls! And a lot of the time, the people who disrespect us most for what we go through is boys! And they are the main cause for a lot of our anxiety issues!!!

Being A Teenage Girl is difficult, and it IS stressful. But that's OK. Just remember when you're walking through school thinking you are the only one with a spot, or the only one who cried over nothing, you're not! There'll always be another girl the same, whether her spot is covered in concealer or maybe even hidden by fringe (Weird example but ya get what I mean! :) ) Teenage girls are a bit weird, and we are silly sometimes, but that's OK too. That's just us. You'll pass this phase soon enough (Well at least I hope I will!) and you can look back on this and laugh <3

So yea not sure if you'll like this post but I hope you do! Thinking of a product review next . . .What do ya think? Leave comments below! Mae xxx

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