So . . .Hey!

July 17, 2015

So . . . . Hey!
This is just a quick little introduction to my blog!
A little bit about myself and this blog . . ..
I'm 13 years old and I'm currently living the roller coaster that is being a teenage girl! I'm hoping to post things on fashion, a bit of beauty (just my personal experiences . . .I am NOT a beauty guru!!!) and lifestyle/thoughts.
I decided to create a blog because I enjoy writing and have felt really inspired lately if that makes any sense! I'm going to attempt to post weekly and I'll just see how this goes! BTW I'm still working on my username and stuff  . . .I am new to blogging and finding it super difficult to create a original, creative, relative, interesting but not too weird, cute, simple username for my blog. Haha as you can see my criteria is pretty long! Another quick note . . . for now I will be keeping this blog anonymous and anyone I refer to in any posts will be given different names. No hate please, I'm just starting out with blogging so I haven't sorted out my blog 'look' or anything, sorry this turned out longer than expected (no surprises there) and enjoy! ;)
Comment anything below!
 P.S this blog is anonymous but I've decided to create my own name . . . .. Mae.
Fits in with my blog (at this point!) so yea!

Love you all, please follow and share my blog to anyone you think will enjoy my blog! Mae <3

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  1. hey there! This really inspired me to start my own blog bc I've wanted to for a while now but I have been too nervous . . .. Excited to read your future posts and good luck!!!!

    1. Thanks so much! Super happy to gain my first follower! I'll be posting on Monday afternoon so expect a post then!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! :D

    1. Thanks! I'm writing a new post now :) Follow for Follow?


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