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January 19, 2016

Hey everyone! I know I've already put up this weeks post (Makeup Haul, see it here!) but I wanted to quickly update you on something else :)

I am going to be re-designing my blog!

I've done this before and created my current design which I was happy with at the time. But it's 2k16 now and I need a change. I want my blog to showcase my style, and although I love pastels and pink I want a more modern vibe.

Basically I love blogging, I don't get a whole heap of page views or comments, but I enjoy doing it. And designing it is part of what I love! And I want to not only be happy with the content but the design too.

I just anted to let you guys know in case you see any random changes to my blog they may not be final so don't worry okay! 

Please leave any ideas in the comments below, I'm not doing anything that major I just want to change up my header colour scheme and overall look/impact. I already have some plans but I'm open to advice! 

See you guys next week with new post! Love you x

Stay Sweet, 

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