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January 25, 2016

Hey guys! So I spent the last week in Ohope. I have been going there with my family for years and it's like my place now. The beach is absolutely stunning, it has amazing waves for swimming too! I had so much fun sunbathing and getting ice creams from the little dairy next to the beach, so I wanted to share my experiences with you guys.

It isn't really like my last holiday diary (Auckland Adventures, see it here.), I'm not going to go through each day because I mostly just swam and went on lovely beach walks - but to me that's a lot of fun and means a lot. However I did get some awesome shots that I couldn't resist showing you guys! I'll have a little caption here and there, but this post is 90% photos to get your Summer vibes up :) So sit back relax and have a scroll through my Summer Diary ♥

P.S I'm almost finished re-designing my blog so I'll be launching the new design (putting all the new things into my template) soon, keep an eye out!

♥ This photo is one of my favourites of the whole lot! ♥
♥ A pretty walkway that lead to a beautiful look out ♥

♥ There's a little park next to the beach that has some of the most amazing trees surrounding it! Crazy shapes and sizes ♥

♥ I spent about an hour in Ohope Bay trying to catch a wave breaking on the rocks - the things I do for a photo hahaha! ♥

♥ I stumbled upon this little cave with all the Bay rocks; I find caves so fascinating ♥

♥ Another one of my favourites - I followed this Southern Black-backed Gull for absolutely ages, it was massive and I was terrified it was going to leave a little "present" shall we say on my head haha! ♥

♥ Here are some of the Southern Black-backed Gull's babies - these were one of the reason I got some great shots of the gull swooping over my head! She must of thought I was going to hurt them, of course I never went closer than I was here! These babies look nothing like their mother because they shed their brown feathers when they grow. (A bit of info for you there haha!) ♥
♥ While my dad and brother went fishing i found another little outlook. I sat there for quite a while just admiring the view ♥

♥ I have to admit the giant walls of dirt and rock you're beneath when you cross the hill are pretty creepy ♥
♥ I found this adorable turtle on one of our last beach walks - I had a major nostalgic moment remembering sand castles from when I was real little ahaha! ♥

My final photo, just in case you were curious this is a Butterscotch Colossal Cone; my absolute favourite packaged ice cream! You can't really go wrong with one of these . . .
I hope you guys enjoyed scrolling through my Summer diary and learning a bit more about me along the way :) I had so much fun taking these photos in Ohope, I found this blog post so fun because I didn't write much, I let the photos speak for themselves (trying not to get too deep here haha!). Remember to keep an eye out for my new blog design and you can expect a Beauty post next week! Until then, leave a comment below, say hi if you're new and how are some of my older readers doing? Love you all xxx

What is your favourite Summer holiday place?

Stay Sweet,


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  1. These are amazing pictures! I would love to visit Auckland and Ohope one day!
    XOXO Bella

  2. Thank you! They're both such amazing places! ♥

  3. I come from such a far and different part of the world that seeing this pictures reminds me of how beautiful the world is and hopefully one day I'll visit New Zeland :)



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