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March 27, 2016

Hey guys! Happy Easter! This week I wanted to do something that I don't think I have seen before but I may have, it's an Easter tag! I've created my own questions about Easter and I'll tag a few people to do it at the end.
I'll also have some pictures of my Easter treats (fave part of Easter = hella chocolate). I hope you guys have all had a lovely Easter, I know I have! Let the calorie consumption begin (for me at least)!

1. Do you get a lot of Easter chocolate?

My mum always goes a little over board on the chocolate for me and my siblings. By a little I mean a lot. Like a lot. I think it's because 90% of the time we're really healthy and don't have lots of sweets or fizzy drinks, so my mum goes all out when we have a reason to eat not-so-healthy. I'm just going to let you enjoy pictures of all the chocolate I ate over the weekend and tell you guys a couple stories from past Easters.

2. Ever done an Easter egg hunt?

Did you guys ever have Easter egg hunts? I remember growing up we always had Easter egg hunts, but since my siblings were older than me and a whole lot better at finding eggs she would put a group of the same treat there and we would take one each. That way I didn't leave the hunt with an empty Easter bunny bag hahaha! I have to say now that I'm older I do love a good Easter egg hunt where it's run and find the most. 

3. How long did you believe in the Easter bunny for?

I believed in the Easter bunny until I was about 10 or 11. That might seem like a long time but my mum was amazing at making me believe in things haha. I think my older siblings just kind of made fun of me when I talked about him being real so I caught on. Siblings are so cruel ahaha!

4. Favourite Easter chocolates? Old/new?

Some of my older fave Easter chocolates are of course Kinder Surprises, I know they're all year round but I love them at Easter. I don't have one in the photos because I always eat it first and I couldn't resist. Cream  eggs are also delicious, I feel like they're a staple at Easter. My favourite Easter chocolate that is more new is those Chocolate Malteser Bunnies. They're actually so good I wish they were sold all year round!

5. What did you do for the Easter Bunny when you were younger?

I always wrote a little letter asking for a few treats and thanking the Easter Bunny (a.k.a my mum). I also left out little sliced carrots and a bunny toy to "say hello" to the Easter Bunny when he came haha!

6. Any funny Easter stories?

I was not so lucky when it came to my chocolates though, because my dog always some how found her way into my bag of treats. I remember when I was 10 I left my massive chocolate bunny on a low shelf (fool), and my little puppy found her way in and literally ATE THE WHOLE THING. You know how chocolate is supposedly really bad for dogs and can kill them? Yea, my dog pretty much ate a pile of poison. Luckily she was absolutely fine, but I was still pretty salty about my bunny being eaten hahaha! Or maybe I wasn't lucky with bunnies in general, because the next year I put my lindt bunny (all time fave) in the fridge where she couldn't get it, and when I opened the fridge it fell out and smashed on the floor. And my dog ate the bits on the floor. 

7. What's your favourite thing about Easter?

The choclate. You probably already guessed that one. 

This photo was the most stressful thing ever. You have no idea the difficulty of stacking weirdly shaped chocolates. 
8. Favourite Easter year from your childhood?

I remember at my Primary school there were Easter competitions every year. In Year 6 it was a Diorama (Little homemade scene or house etc.) competition. I made the massive bunny house and it took me so long. I was dedicated. It was a three story cardboard house with bunny ears out the top, legs out the side and a fluffy tail on the back. I remember it had bedrooms and everything, all made out of cardboard and material. I was so proud and I placed 3rd, and I won two packs of caramel eggs and a big chocolate bunny. Little did I know my dog was going to eat that bunny - hahaha! The two people who beat me and brought tons of stuff to make theirs amazing, whereas mine was all homemade so I was pretty proud :) 

9. Do you do anything for Easter at your school?

Apart from the diorama competition we would always make little paper baskets in Primary and then the next day we would get given little chocolate eggs. Nowadays in College we don't do anything of course ahaha.

10. Do you have Easter in Spring?

No. Here in New Zealand it's Autumn when Easter rolls around. I've always wanted to experience a Spring Easter though!

So I hope you guys enjoyed reading my answers and a few Easter throw backs, I love Easter and I always have. I have to say the "Easter Bunny" was a little far fetched in my opinion, but if it means I can eat a ton of chocolate every year then it's fine by me. I tag Laila from Lailabee and Bella from Belliary to do this tag! Remember to leave a comment below to say hey, and I'll talk to you guys next week! 

What's your favourite Easter memory?

Stay Sweet,

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  1. Thank you for tagging me Mae! I love your photos and i'll try to do this soon! xxx ❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Laila! Can't wait to see your answers xxx

    2. I've answered the questions ❤️❤️
      Thanks again for tagging me Mae xx
      Loved your questions!


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