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March 21, 2016

Hey guys! I'm finally back, I promised you guys a style post in my "Update" post last week (see that here), so here it is! I'm going to give you a little overview of my top 5 favourite Summer clothing pieces that were staples for me throughout Summer.
Since Autumn has just arrived in New Zealand I thought this would be a good time to share my Summer style faves. 'The Style Wardrobe" is going to be a new style series on my blog, I'll do it at the end of each season and share my seasonal staples with you guys :) I've been really enjoying doing style posts recently and I hope you guys like them too! Now I'll shut up and stop rambling and actually start the post haha!

1. Denim A-line Skirts

You probably expected this one, but denim a-line skirts have been the biggest trend this Summer. I personally love them, I think they look really cute and stylish, plus they remind of the sort of skirts they used to wear on iCarly and Victorious (who remembers 2010 Nickelodeon? Haha!). The one I have shown here is from Dotti and it has a zip up front, but there are lots that have slightly different styles like buttons. I think it was about $50 NZ, a little pricey but I wear it all the time and it's really good quality, so I think it's worth the money. Of course there will be cheaper alternatives, but if you're going for a great fit and long lasting quality Glassons or Dotti are the way to go.

2. Playsuits

I loved playsuits last Summer too, and I feel like they will be in fashion for years. They look so flattering and come in so many styles! I used to be all about the rompers that really look like a top and shorts, but now my favourites are the playsuits that look like dresses. Don't get me wrong, I still love a good old romper but I think dress like playsuits are perfect if you want a pretty summery dress but like shorts too if that makes any sense! The one I have shown here is from Jay Jays, it's a beautiful baby blue and has a really pretty floral print with a vintage vibe. I wore this all Summer and I love it! These were pretty much everywhere in Summer but Jay Jays had some really pretty patterns.

3. Off-shoulder Tops

I love off shoulder tops, they're so cute and Summery and great to give the shoulders a bit of a tan! I purchased a ton of these this Summer in a ton of different styles but these two were my favourites. The cream top is from Glassons, I absolutely adore this top! It can be quite casual or dressy, it has little tie straps and floaty sleeves. This top is really flattering and goes with so much! It came in a few different colours but I love white in Summer. The other top is also really pretty, I got it from Jay Jays and it has this cute paisley print. I love the colours in this, it's all black and blues and purples with a bit of pink. This top has no straps and more puffy sleeves, and it looks so cute with a denim skirt.

4. Stripes and Boho Prints

Stripes and Boho prints were my two fave prints of Summer 2016. Complete opposites, but I loved them both (just not together; that's a bit of a pattern overload!). I got the two stripey crop tops 9one black and white and one grey and white) from Valley Girl. I wore them a ton because they're so easy to chuck on if you want to look a bit stylish but can't be bothered planning an outfit. The other stripey top (white with thin black stripes) is from Beach City in Australia, I've had it for over a year as I got it when I went to the Gold Coast at the end of 2014. The last stripey item is from Jay Jays (as you can tell I was a fan of their Summer range) and it's a stripey t shirt dress. I wore this quite a lot, I loved it with a pair of sneakers because it was simple but stylish.

5. High Waisted Shorts

My last Summer staple was high waisted shorts. I loved wearing these with crop tops, they were my go to shorts of Summer 2016 and I love them. The ones I have here are from Jay Jays (surprise surprise), I have them in a darker colour too but they were in the washing machine so I just showed the lighter colour today! Not much else to say, they're super comfortable and look nice on, I definitely recommend.

Ok guys so I hope you enjoyed hearing me ramble on about my Summer staples (sorry guys, you know what I'm like ahaha!). I had so much fun writing this post, I'm really loving the style category of my blog right now and I hope you guys are too. Make sure to comment below and say hey, or give me a little follow because it means so much to me! 

What was your favourite piece of clothing this Summer?

Stay Sweet,

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  1. I love your style and I hope you're enjoying Autumn! These outfits are so cute and I think they would be lovely to wear when the leaves are turning brown and falling off the trees! Spring has just began in the UK and I think the floral patterns would be beautiful for Spring too!

    1. Thank you so much Laila! The floral and Boho prints would be lovely for Spring too ♥

  2. Ah this post makes me miss summer clothes, it's way too freezing in Australia now to wear anything other than pants and a warm coat.

    Even though it's not summer now I still love the off the shoulder trend, I think those kinds of tops are so flattering.

    1. I swear this is the longest Summer NZ has ever had! It's only just cooling down now! Glad you enjoyed the post x


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