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February 02, 2017

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Hello Sweeties! It's that time of the month again where I ramble about my favourite products of the month. I find January to be a difficult month - it takes all the organisation skills of a new year paired with the ever saddening thought that Christmas is officially over. But despite the new lack of festive candles and Christmassy blog posts, January is of course the month of "new beginnings". I attempted to try out some new products in light of the new year, meaning that this month's lot ended up being pretty mixed!

Haircare January Favourites
Haircare January Favourites

Babyliss curling wand January FavouritesThis was a slightly spontaneous purchase, as I'm a total 80s lover and I've seen a few bloggers and youtubers rocking the corkscrew curls recently. Of course I was dying to live out my inner retro fantasies, so I went on and 80s mission to try and recreate the look. Chopstick curling wands are the best corkscrew curlers, so I went all out and ordered the Babyliss Tight Curls Curling wand from Amazon UK. It was a really good price, a total of $60 NZD once postage was included. It took about three weeks to arrive which is quite a long time, but I ordered over it Christmas so I expected a bit of a delay. I can confirm that this curling wand is amazing! It includes ten heat settings, and the barrel is super thin allowing you can achieve tight small curls. This is pretty easy to use, although it has taken me a bit of practice to get my ideal curls. The curls last ages and look super bouncy and voluminous - I'm basically in love!

Image result for tigi bed head foxy curls sprayI've been using this after curling my hair with the Babyliss wand and I find it so effective in increasing the longevity of the curls and giving them a more defined look. The curling wand is amazing on its own, but I find this spray sort of sets the curls. The smell might be a put off for some - it's a pretty intense, sweet fruity scent which I personally love, but I feel like it could be a tad overpowering for some so keep that in mind.  I've also spritzed a bit of this all over my head before plaiting my hair and I find it makes my hair extra curling when I take out the paits for a no-heat curled look.  I love TIGI hair care, especially the Bed Head products and this curl spray is no exception.

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Butter January Favourites
Beauty January Favourites
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush January Favourites

Image result for the body shop pinita colada body butterOn Boxing Day I went to a few stores just to see what the sales were like, and noticed that The Body Shop had a massive sale. Although The Body Shop is considered a high street brand in many countries it can actually be quite pricey in NZ, so I saw the sale as an amazing opportunity. One item I picked up was this Pinita Colada Body Butter, it was half price so I got it for just $19. It literally smells like a Summer holiday, it is the epitome of a Summer scent. It smells like coconuts mixed with fruity scents, so if you're not into that you will not like this body butter as the scent is pretty strong. I love The Body Shop body butter formulas, they're so rich and moisturising which is great for my dry skin.

Image result for too faced born this way concealerToo Faced is for sure one of my favourite high end brands. Every product I purchase from the brand I fall in love with, and this concealer is the latest addition to my Too Faced family. I got it from the new Mecca store in Christchurch when I visited recently (New Zealand beauty junkies dreams have come true). I really do like this concealer for brightening my complexion. It doesn't have the highest coverage, so I don't use it on blemishes but for under the eyes it's a lovely product. It's so brightening and gives you this radiance from within which I especially notice in photos. Highly recommend if you're looking for a new concealer to try out! 

Related imageThis product has been in my makeup collection since July last year, but I realised I've only mentioned it in my USA Makeup and Beauty Haul, which is crazy seeing as it makes a frequent appearence in my day-to-day makeup. I especially love this blush in Summer months, and that's due to it's stunning colour and amazing longevity. Another product that looks so nice in photos, Peaceful is described as a "soft nude peach" - and you couldn't get more spot on than that! It is quite shimmery so if you prefer a matte blush don't go for this, but I love it. Summer is the season where I feel like you can get away with extra glowy cheek products, and this has been my go to. Plus it looks amazing in every flat lay, so what's not to love?

The Bee Gees January Favourites
The Bee Gees January Favourites

Image result for the ultimate bee gees albumAside from the odd mention of my favourite Christmas albums, I haven't really talked about music a whole lot on my blog. Basically 70s disco is my favourite era, plus I love 80s and 90s classics. Yes, I am convinced I was born in the wrong decade. Anyway, I've really been loving my Ultimate Bee Gees album recently and thought it deserved a lil s/o. This album has two CD's with a total of 40 tracks, so it really is essential for any Bee Gees lover. The whole album is pretty much a soundtrack to my life, but my favourite songs include 'Love So Right', 'Stayin Alive', 'Tragedy' and 'More Than A Woman'. You really can't beat a good ol 70s classic, and this is my favourite! 

Friday Faye Blog January Favourites


If I'm not writing blogs, I'm reading them. I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to discover, and this month I've found so many new blogs that I'm loving. One that stands out among the others would be Faye from Friday Faye. Firstly, her flat lays are a bloggers dream. I've found her photos so inspiring and it's helped me so much with my own photography. Her content is so lovely too, I really like her style of writing and she comes across so nice and friendly in her posts! Be sure to check her out here. 

All January Favourites

What was your favourite product of January?

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