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February 01, 2016

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be reviewing the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set. I haven't done a review in AGES! The last review I did was my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer review back in September! I got this brush set as part of my Christmas present and I can honestly say I have been loving it! So it was only right to do a full review for you guys :) 

Another quick announcement, tomorrow I will be RE LAUNCHING my blog! New header, new accents etc. I'm super excited, the re launch will be at 3:00pm New Zealand time tomorrow, so keep an eye out! :)

Anyway lets get on with the review!

The set includes 4 face brushes that can be used to create a whole face look. The brushes are the Pointed Foundation Brush, Buffing Brush, Detailer Brush and Contour Brush. I believe that the Contour Brush is only available in this set but the others can be bought separately.The set also comes with a really helpful travel case that can be unfolded into a brush stand. 

Even though Real Techniques is known as a drugstore brand in many other countries, in New Zealand they are quite pricey so they are considered more high end than drugstore. This set is $49.99 from Farmers, but personally I think for the quality of the brushes it's totally worth the money! 

Appearance: All four of the brushes feature a beautiful goldy copper coloured handle with a matte black end. I'm gonna be honest here, these brushes are pretty nice to look at and that is one of my favourite things in a makeup brush! Of course not AS important as the brush itself, but a close second.

Application: These brushes are amazing because they apply products like a dream! Every brush is so so soft and apply products lightly which I like because it means you have control over how much product goes on your face.

The Pointed Foundation Brush is quite small so if you have a petite face like myself this brush it great! This brush is amazing to get a good coverage around your nose and your hairline. I use the Detailer Brush to apply my concealer, it's so small so you can apply it directly onto your blemishes with precision. 

The Buffing Brush is amazing for face powder and bronzer. It applies powder without looking cakey and it amazing for an all over bronze. The Contour brush is my favourite, it gives an amazingly chiseled contour shadow. I also love this burhs for blush and highlight because it's the perfect size for my cheeks. 

Other: Another thing I like about these brushes is that they don't hold onto product! Even the Pointed Foundation brush which I use often doesn't get super dirty, obviously you still need to clean your brushes but that's an easy job with these brushes. 

I really want to try more of the Real Techniques brushes, they are quite pricey in NZ but for the quality they're worth the money in my opinion. I can't believe they're drugstore in other countries because they're so good! I definitely recommend this set for beginners in makeup because you can create a whole face look with these brushes. 

I hope you guys found this post helpful, leave a comment below if you like my reviews and I'll be sure to do more! Also comment below if you're excited for my blog re launch! I go back to school this week so I'll be super busy but I'll still make time to blog :) See you guys tomorrow with a quick blog launch post and next week with a January faves  x 

What are your favourite makeup brushes?

Stay Sweet,
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  1. lovely review:) i've had this brush set for about 3 years and i'm still obsessed with all the brushes:) xx

    1. Thank you! I'm expecting to keep this kit for years too, I love it so much! x

  2. Hi! I'm also from New Zealand :) I love this blog post because I had also bought this as a present for myself during christmas last year! The prices here are insane so I went on iherb and bought them for around $27 NZD which is so good. During that time they also had free shipping if I had bought over a certain amount (which wasn't too hard hahah).

    Kathy xx

    1. Wow that's such a good price! The prices here are so marked up aye, it's so annoying! Nice to have more NZ girls here haha x


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