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June 17, 2016

Hello Sweeties! As the seasonal change kicks in, my skin suffers in the hydration area. I have collected a few of my favourite body butters and lotions to share with you to suit many occasions, and wanted to show them a little love because they have saved my skin!


This stuff is a real life saver for us pale girls out there. Although most people go pale in Winter, I go from pale to full on white. This is a perfect subtle self tanner that is really buildable and a lovely colour, plus it adds light moisture to your skin. I recommend the darker shade even if you're quite pale because the lighter shade was too fair and did not show up on my skin. Due to the shade selection of only 2 I don't think this product would work for darker skin tones, but it is a lovely product nonetheless.


I have been using this product religiously for a couple years now and it is my holy grail if I want a shimmering lotion. It has a really lightweight formula that doesn't take ages to sink into your skin but it still moisturises. It comes out the tube in a white cream that might seem really scary but once rubbed in it gives you the most beautiful sheen without that chunky glitter effect. It's said to "bring out your natural radiance with royal jelly" and I do believe it enhances my skin tone and makes it look more healthy. This stuff has a decent shimmer so only purchase it if you like that goddess look - my personal favourite!


The famous Body Shop Body Butters are definitely worth the hype for me. They have a lovely formula and you can get light moisture or more intense hydration depending on how much you put on. I like to apply a small amount to my dry areas, and even a little bit of product will fix it up overnight. And we can't ignore the amazing scent selection; my personal favourites are the fresh scents like mango or pink grapefruit. This is available in 200ml and 400ml as well but I take a while to go through these and I find you can try more scents if you go for the smaller option.


Soap and Glory is not a brand that's easy to find in NZ. Postie Plus had a few S & G products available for a while and I managed to grab one of these body butters. These butters are highly rated, and with good reason. First off, the smell is amazing. It has the original S & G Pink fragrance which is the most delicious blend of fruity sweet goodness. It's a heavenly thick butter which is a dry-skinned girl's dream. It's hydration powers are like literal magic, I'll use this product a couple times a week when my skin is extra dry and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. 

What is your favourite body butter or lotion?

Stay Sweet,
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  1. That self-tan body lotion sounds wonderful! I'll try to find it! | Acqua xx

    1. It's also affordable which is a massive bonus :)

  2. I love the Righteous butter! It has such a delicate scent and works wonders x

  3. I have the Body Shop mango one, and it really is amazing! I'd love to try the S&G one though, that one seems great for me!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'


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