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October 06, 2015

Hiya guys! Sorry for the late post, but as I mentioned in last week's post I spent the whole weekend in Auckland celebrating my 14th birthday, and I wanted my post to be about that. I had an amazing time, and took a ton of amazing photos.
This post is not going to have a lot of writing, I am going to let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy :) 
*DISCLAIMER: all the photos shown are my own and have copyright, except for one. I have added a caption to that photo letting you know that it is not my own *

Day 1: Arriving in Auckland and Sight seeing

I arrived in Auckland on Thursday afternoon, 1st of October. I wasn't doing anything in particular that afternoon so I decided to take a little trip across the Auckland Te Wero bridge and take a few pictures. My dad works in Auckland and has an apartment there, so that is where we stayed. 
I love this building!

Day 2: Sylvia Park and Butler's Chocolate Cafe

I am no doubt a shop-aholic. And Sylvia Park has such great stores that aren't where I live that I did go a bit cray (haha). I spent about 5 hours shopping there on Friday October 2nd, and came home lugging the biggest pile of bags into my dad's apartment! While I was in Sylvia Park I visited Butler's Chocolate Cafe (pretty much my dream place!), and had the most delicious hot chocolate EVER.

I went a bit overboard on the shopping . . . oops

Day 3: Smith and Caughey's, Dunkin Donuts and Maroon 5

After seeing all the amazing shops in Sylvia Park, I had to go down Queen Street and check our their stores, one of which being the massive department store, Smith and Caughey's. It's an amazing store and it had a ton of awesome beauty counters like Benefit, Clarins and Estee Lauder. After making a few sneaky purchases my mum and I headed down to Dunkin Donuts for a snack. That night I went to the Maroon 5 concert at Vector Arena. I have been to quite a lot of concerts now, and that one was truly spectacular! I didn't take any good photos because I was too busy dancing and singing (haha). 

My Smith and Caughey's photos wouldn't upload, so I found this one
online to give you a little idea of what it's like!

 Day 4: Family Time and Early Birthday Lunch

On Sunday 4th October, my family and I drove up to Whangarei to spend the day with my Nana before my birthday. I took some cute pics of the amazing lunch but spent most of the day off line and chatting with my Nana and family. 

This cafe had such cute features!

Day 5: Zip Lining and My Birthday!

Monday the 5th of October was my 14th birthday. No exaggeration, it was probably my favourite birthday ever. My family and I got up bright and early and headed over to Waiheke island on a ferry. We were then driven in a van to the EcoZip sight to begin our adventure! The zip lining was the most amazing experience, there are three different zip lines you do and you really feel like your flying. I opened presents in the afternoon before ending the day with the most delicious dinner EVER. It was buffet style, with the biggest selection of sushi, Indian food, red meats, cold meats, Chinese food and seafood. Not to mention the amazing chocolate fountain . . . 

Snapped this shot before hopping on the ferry back to Auckland

On Tuesday I headed home, but there were no photos to take for that day. I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures from my mini-holiday, and I also hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of Auckland! Cya next week guys with a birthday-themed post xxxxx

Stay Sweet, 

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