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September 28, 2015

Hey guys! Since October is about to begin, I thought that it was a good time to start doing monthly favourites!
I will attempt to post a favourites post every month, probably at the very end, because I find with favourites I want to show you products that I really have been using ALL month. I have labelled each item from 1 to 7 so you know which item is which :) I hope you enjoy my very first favourites, now let's begin!

1. Mediceuticals DeFend Thermal Protection Mist
I have been using this for more than a month, but I thought I would pop it into this post anyway. It's basically a mist that you spritz onto your hair before putting heat onto your hair (straightening, curling etc.), however it is amazing for styling too. It removes tangles instantly, and makes your hair a lot easier to style. This product is a perfect two in one mist and I use this all the time! But a little goes a long way with this stuff - too much and your hair can go quite greasy, as it is  a conditioning formula. I learnt this the hard way!

2. The Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser
I love this product! Most cleansers I have used tend to make my face feel quite tight afterwards, but this doesn't do that at all! My skin feels oh-so soft afterwards and this cleanser works great for a little makeup or a lot of makeup. I have been using this cleanser for just over a month and I will be using this product for months to come.

3. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
I haven't been using this for the entire month, but I love it so much it deserved to be featured in this post! It is actually amazing . . . easy to build, blend and it's long lasting. I posted a full review of this product last week, and you can read that here if you're interested. 

4. Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm
I am obsessed with lip balm; I get crazy dry lips, especially in the change of season, so I need a decent lip balm on hand 24/7. I have tried too many lip balms to count, and out of the whole lot, this lip balm has worked the best for me. Easy to apply as it is in a tube (I prefer tubes to pots), and you don't need to be constantly applying it to see results. You can get this is a ton of different flavours, so I am excited to try those and see what they are like!

5. Lush D'Fluff Shaving Soap
This one I really have been using all month long, and I adore this product. I always found shaving such a chore, something I never wanted to do. I remember when I purchased this the lady in the shop told me that it made her actually want to shave. It does do that! I am always excited to shave now because this product smells SO good. Not to mention the fact that your skin feels like silk (literally) afterwards, and stays that way for a couple of days! I definitely recommend! 

6. Fashion Quarterly Magazine
I was given a subscription to this magazine by my Aunty last Christmas, and I have to say it was probably one of my favourite presents I have ever gotten! I get so excited when these magazines arrive, and I think you get four a year, plus a couple bonus mini-mags. If you love fashion and beauty I definitely recommend this magazine for you! It's a little pricey and the products in the magazine are generally quite high street, but if gives a ton of inspiration to what you could buy, and it also gives a lot of insight to the latest trends. 

7. Girl Online Novel, Zoella
Last but certainly not least, Girl Online by Zoella. I have read this book many times already, but since I re-read it once this month and I love Zoella, I thought that I should mention this book. I am a total book-worm, and I was so happy that Zoe wrote a novel! I adore this story, it's a cute romance novel that's not too difficult to read, however it is really well-written! Just want to quickly say that I am so proud of Zoe, and I can't wait for her second book to be released later this year. 

I hope you guys liked my first favourites post! Sorry if I rambled a bit . . . oops! Hahaha also next week my post may go up on either Tuesday or Wednesday instead of Monday, because this weekend I am going to to Auckland for my birthday (which is on Monday). I should have lots of fun and expect some cool posts going up! Also you may have noticed I have added a subscription box that should come up when you first visit my site so you can subscribe if you like - you'll get some cool emails and notifications when I post ;) 

Stay Sweet,

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  1. Girl Online is amazing! I love that book! :)

  2. Girl Online is probably one of the reasons why I am here. :) nice blog!


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