Quick Update: Why no blog post?

November 22, 2015

Hey guys! I am so sorry that I am not posting a blog this week, I am currently studying for my end of year exams and I haven't had time to take photos and write a blog for this week (sad face). 

Hopefully I will be back to blogging next week, but if not I hope you guys understand my circumstance at the moment :) I have a ton of cool blog posts prepared for December and Xmas, so if there's no post next week either you can look forward to that! 

So sorry again for no blog this week, I am trying really hard to get good marks in my exams so I can get a place in the classes I want to get into next year.

Are any of you guys doing exams anytime soon? If so, which ones are you most worried about - I am most worried about maths. Of course. 
Haha see you guys next week hopefully! 

Stay sweet,

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