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November 02, 2015

Hey guys! This week I am posting another monthly favourites :) You guys seemed to like my last one and hopefully you'll like this one too! You guys can use this post to inspire you for some new things you might want to try and my take on the products. Without further ado, let's get started!

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera
I absolutely adore this camera! I got it for my birthday (check out that haul here!) and have been using it non-stop ever since. It is super easy to work and can take some beautiful shots! The pictures look so retro in the cute polaroid style print and the camera alone looks adorable on my desk. If you're into photography this is a cool camera to try out for different techniques of photography than your average camera. The only down side of this camera is that the film is a bit expensive, but that depends on where you buy it from, and luckily for me I got given some film with the camera. 

2. Typo Pink Address Book
This address book is too cute! It's from typo (one of my favourite stores) and is a pretty pink colour with lovely gold lettering on the front. It says "Every Sly Fox Slinky Minx Bad Boy Homie and Dirty Dog I Have Ever Known". It's a sweet addition to any desk area and I just love the saying on the front! I think I'm a "Sly Fox" . .  . 

3. New Balance Classics
I got these for my birthday too, they're the style 996 and I have been wearing them literally all the time! They go really well with all my clothes and make every outfit look that little bit more cute and unique. Plus they are possibly the comfiest shoes ever that aren't proper sports trainers! The soles are super soft and squishy, I just love them! Definitely recommend!

4. BYS Nail Polish "Prima Ballerina"
I would say that this is my favourite Spring shade of nail polish. It is a beautiful peach-pink with a really subtle shimmer. BYS nail polishes are great, they're affordable, have a massive range of colours and the pigmentation is amazing! And all of the names are really cute ;)

5. I Love . . . Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath and Shower Creme
I Love . . . this brand! Their range of bath and body products smell so nice and are good quality for a great price. This is one of my favourite scents from this brand, it reminds my of the Lush Comforter Bubble Bar (and old time fave of mine). It's a blend of sweet berry scents and when I use this in the bath or the shower the smell stays in the bathroom for hours! Love this product.

6. I Love . . . Raspberry and Blackberry Moisturising Body Lotion
This product came in a little duo set with the product mentioned above. Same scent, this lotion leaves my skin feeling super soft and silky. Using both of these products with Lush's Comforter Bubble Bar or Blackberry Bath Bomb is the best bath cocktail!

7. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask
I am obsessed with face masks, and this is another one I am loving right now (you may have seen it in my beauty haul - here)! This soothing mask gently warms my face and is said to protect skin from excess oil, thus reducing breakouts. I use this generally once a week and I do think it's reduced the redness I often get if I have a breakout. Maybe with more usage it would reduce them completely or maybe I haven't used it for long enough yet. Lovely mask, does seem to making a bit of a difference! 

8. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream 
I love this stuff. Like, LOVE it! It's so moisturising and leaves my skin feeling so soft and even. I only use this a few times a week though because since it is a heavier moisuriser it can cause break outs to teens (like myself) if used daily, as it's heaviness can create excess oil. But this isn't a science lesson. My point is daily use is not recommended for younger skin!

So I hope you guys enjoyed my October favourites! Don't forget to check out my other Sweet As Mae sites, I am on Pinterest and Bloglovin! I'm working on my blog design at the moment so you can expect some cool new additions to my blog. And did you notice I've updated the "Purchase My Current Faves" slideshow on my sidebar? I am changing it every time I do a favourites and the pictures send you directly to where they are available :)
What is your favourite product of October? 
Stay Sweet, 

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    1. Thanks so much it means a lot! And sure thing ♥


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