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November 15, 2015

ADD HERE LINK Hey guys! This week I thought I would post something beauty related that I have never posted before; a bath cocktail. *Quick disclaimer for any of you who don't know, a bath cocktail is not alcoholic, it's called a cocktail because you put a load of stuff together to make a great bath (haha).*
I make plenty of bath cocktails at home, and although my methods aren't exactly accurate (pretty much shove every delicious Lush product in the bath till it smells crazy), I thought you guys might find this interesting. Lush Lovers, I'm looking at you! I say this cocktail is Spring themed when really everything just smells floral. But nonetheless I guess I'm allowed to categorise it. I am going to go through the products I used in the bath and after, but they are only body products not skincare or my complete pamper regime. I'm not going to give a complete tutorial, it's more of a what I used and what worked well together :)

Lush Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar

This is the first product I used for my bath cocktail, and you really don't need much with this one. I used about a quarter and still got a decent layer of bubbles! This bubble bar is pretty small too, so that just goes to show how much you can use the Lush bubble bars! I love this bubble bar because you can pair it with almost anything, the scent is quite subtle and it doesn't change the colour of you bath water. It smells quite fresh and floral and it's got a flower on top, so I thought it fit this "Spring" themed bath cocktail. You don't have to use bubble bars with bath cocktails, but I personally love having even a little bit of bubbles to kind of cover myself I guess haha! And don't lie, everyone loves a ton of bath bubbles. 
Quick Tip: To get the most out of your bubble bar don't crumble it too quickly. Just let the water run over it and you'll get way more bubbles!

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb 

The bath bomb is generally what makes your bath explode with colour and delicious smells. This time I went for the Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, despite the name it is not inappropriate at all, it smells beautiful and it so pretty to look at (hehe). The scent is really strong - I could smell it for a long time after my bath! It's got a strong floral scent, very girly and very sweet. This was actually the first time I ever used this bath bomb, and it gave me a great bath experience, haha. I purchased it in the Auckland Lush store and it was part of my skincare/beauty haul (see that post here). It also turned my bath water a candyfloss pink colour that went through all the bubbles too! 

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

Even though I do love pretty much every Lush Shower Gel, this one is one of my faves. The smell is so nice, it shares the same scent as the Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon, which for those of you who don't know is quite floral (obviously) and a bit sweet. It does smell quite spring-like! I lathered this on with a bath Loofa for optimum shower gel bubbles, and it left my skin feeling and smelling ah-mazing. This scent went really well with both the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb and the Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar. 

Soap and Glory Righteous Butter

What? A product that isn't Lush?! Yep, this is the one product I used in this bath cocktail that isn't from Lush! Soap and Glory is not a brand that is sold in New Zealand, but Postie Plus has stocked a few of their most popular items these past few months (much excite!!!), this body butter being one of them. Since I am usually deprived of soap and glory goodness, I have been using this body butter a lot after baths and showers. Don't worry, the tub is 450ml so it won't be running out any time soon. It smells like a mixture of peaches, berries and jasmine, so it's super fresh and super floral! I smoothed this velvet soft body butter over my legs and arms as soon as I got out of the bath, and it left my skin feeling like silk. The scent is so lovely too, and it's so strong you don't even need perfume after applying this. 

I hope you enjoyed my first ever bath cocktail post! I thought this was something a little different to my usual beauty posts, and make sure to comment below if you enjoyed this post or want another bath cocktail post.

What is your favourite bath cocktail combo? 

Stay Sweet, 

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