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February 28, 2016

Hey guys! This week my post is going to about beach makeup and my tips for wearing makeup if you're going to the beach. Lots of girls don't even bother, it washes off quite quickly anyway. But for me I personally like to arrive at the beach with a glowy, slightly
made up face. Today I'm going to share my favourite products to wear for the beach and talk you through my beach makeup tips. I hope you guys enjoy ♥

The Base:

When it comes to going to the beach (or any swimming for that matter), it's really not necessary to apply a beautiful coat of your best high end foundation. If you really want to, go for it - you'll have the best looking skin at the beach! But really, five minutes in the water your perfect base will look not so great. The more intense your base is the worse it looks when wet. You know when your makeup is wet and gets that scaly look? No one wants that.

 If I know I'm going swimming that day I will one hundred percent go for a BB or CC cream, or like today I've just shown concealer. I like to smooth a bit of BB cream onto my face with my hands and then using a beauty blender, do a bit of spot concealing. If I know it's going to be a full on day I will definitely just use concealer. A bit on my spots and dark circles, and a tiny bit on my cheeks to conceal redness, and I'm done! The concealer here is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, you all know this is my holy grail. It's amazing.

I also like to whack on some powder to make sure my concealer or base will stay put for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. I like to use an illuminating powder because it gives a beautiful glowy look in the sun, but any powder will do. The one shown here is the Rimmel stay matte powder in 003, Peach Glow. If I'm not using a proper base like BB cream or foundation I do love a coloured powder to help give me a semi-decent base that won't look bad when it's wet!


No matter where I'm going, swimming or not swimming, I think bronzer is a must. It instantly gives your face more shape, life and colour. I love this bronzer by The Body Shop, it's a Honey Bronzer in the shade 03, medium matte. It gives a beautiful natural finish that looks like a real tan, I raved about this product in my January faves (See that post here). Plus, bronzer is a perfect multi-purpose product for the beach. I like to dust a bit on my neck, shoulders and stomach using a big fluffy brush for a bit on extra tan. 

I generally avoid blush if I'm swimming because I find it goes all over the place when wet! You could add a bit of highlight for extra sun kissed glow, but here I've just shown the bronzer which I think looks amazing for a bit of beach glam. 

Lips & Eyes:

I personally find it hard to leave the house without something on my lips. But then I don't want to come home from a swim and find my bright red lipstick is halfway up my face. Tinted lip balm is rally good if you're going swimming. It gives your lips a nice colour and sheen, and it moisturises them so they don't get too dry in the water. This one is The Body Shop tinted lip balm raspberry flavour. These are super moisturising and they literally smell like heaven. 

If you wanted to add some waterproof mascara at this point, go for it! I think waterproof mascara is an awesome invention but for me it never sits right on my lashes and is such a pin to take off. But I don't like going places with lifeless, flat lashes, so I love using eyelash curlers. Yes, they do look like some sort of torture device but don't worry! They're actually so easy to use and they make such a difference to your lashes.

Final Touches:

Lastly I like to add a bit of setting spray to make my makeup hold through the water as much as possible. This is the Australis setting spray, I think it's pretty good, it does hold my makeup quite well but I know there's a huge range of setting sprays with different purposes to try out!

I hope you guys liked reading about my favourite beach makeup products, I love doing makeup posts so I'll definitely try to do them more often! Make sure to leave a comment, I love reading what you guys have to say. Also I'm so sorry if I've been a bit offline recently, I have SO much homework and I've had a lot on my plate. I'm still trying my best to keep up blogging though because I find it does de-stress me. Anyways, I'll see you guys next week xxx

What's your favourite beach makeup product?

Stay Sweet,

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  1. Nice post and your blog is so cute! I also have the collection lasting perfection concealer and it's really good but it's almost out so I have to repurchase it. :)

    Stella xx

  2. Nice post and your blog is so cute! I also have the collection lasting perfection concealer and it's really good but it's almost out so I have to repurchase it. :)

    Stella xx

    1. Yes it's so amazing for the price too! And thank you xxx

  3. Ooh! I would never usually wear makeup to the beach (I don't really wear too much anyway hehe!) I love the honey bronzer sooooo much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. It is so amazing ay! I like to wear a bit to feel extra confident to the beach but I keep it minimal ♥


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