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February 08, 2016

Hey guys, today I'm going to be filling you in on my January favourites! I know this post has gone up a bit later than usual but I hope you don't mind, with all the time I spent re launching my blog my post schedule got a bit mucked up ahaha! Also I'm trying to ramble less so instead of my usual long intro I'm just going to get straight into it.

Beautiful warm, natural tan colour ♥
I'm going to start with makeup, all of these makeup products were in my Drugstore Makeup Haul back in January (See that post here!). The first product I loved throughout January was The Body Shop Honey Bronzer (Shade 03, Medium). I've been using this pretty much everyday for the past few weeks, especially since I've gone back to school I've really been loving this bronzer because it looks quite natural. It's quite warm toned but the actual pigmentation is quite light, so it doesn't go orangey at all, it looks so natural! I might need to do a full review of this because I love it so much! 

Index Finger - Top Left bright pink shade - Middle Finger - Top Right purple based deep pink - Ring Finger - Bottom Right reddy, deep pinky shade - Little Finger - Bottom Left pinky gold  highlighty shade
Another makeup product I adored in January was the Collection Shimmer Shades Blush in the shade Blushalicious. This is another product that gives a really beautiful natural blush colour to your cheeks. I generally don't use highlighter when I'm wearing this blush because it is very reflective and quite highlighty. You could dab your brush into just one of the colours but I prefer to mix them all together. I do tend to avoid the top left shade though because it is so so bright! 

Mind the terrible swatch - I PROMISE THE BRONZING SHADE IS WAY MORE GREY TONED IN REAL LIFE! It looks warmer here but again I PROMISE it's a perfect contour/shadow shade! The highlight swatch is spot on though!
The last makeup item I have been loving and using a lot is the W7 Hollywood bronze and glow contour and highlight palette. I love this, the bronzer is a lovely grey toned colour that is amazing for contour! I prefer to use The Body Shop bronzer for an all over bronze but this is perfect for a chiseled contour line! With that being said though, you can also get a really nice subtle shadow with the bronzer shade. I also love the highlighter, it's a stunning champagne gold colour with an amazing sheen. But not too worry, it's the perfect combination of sparkle and sheen without making you look like a disco ball! Highly recommend, it's super cheap and is apparently a great dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Sculpt and Highlight Palette (which I sadly on not own!). 

My next favourite is Vans. The classic all black canvas Vans. I was actually so happy when I got these, I've wanted them for school shoes for absolutely ages! I generally just opted for any all black canvas shoes (covered shoes at my school have to be pretty much all black) that were about $25-$30. But they never lasted a term and if it ever rained they would get completely filled with water (it felt like my feet were in a swimming pool. No joke.) 
Basically they were really crappy uncomfortable shoes! But my mum got me Vans because they're so much better quality and way more comfortable. These Vans are $100 from most stores in NZ. Anyway, I just wanted to share these with you because if you go to college and walk all day and walk from a bus stop or walk home you should DEFINITELY invest in some good quality shoes! Plus I love wearing them out of school too, so they're worth the money.

I love baking, but sometimes I don't have time to do a lot of baking or I don't really want a whole batch of something. My mum got me this Mug Cake Book for Christmas and I just love it! It's filled with delicious mug cake recipes that actually taste nice! I have made so many mug cakes that taste really gross and spongey, but I can assure that these are delicious! They're so nice to make at the end of a hard week and they really are so quick and easy! I have tried a few and they have been so yummy and fun to make so I'll keep trying them out and I might share some with you guys if you like :)

The last thing I have actually been obsessed with ALL January long is Tank. If you don't know what Tank is it's an NZ juice and smoothie shop that makes the BEST SMOOTHIES EVER! That's quite a statement but their smoothies are so nice! They all use fresh fruit and they have so many different options to choose from. If you want to know more about it I'll link it below :) My favourite smoothies so far are Strawberry Lush, Peach Me, and Tropical Tank. Although some smoothies contain frozen yoghurt, it is low fat and it's still a whole lot better than buying a fizzy drink *excuse that random nutritional info *. 

So I hope you guys enjoyed me rambling on about my favourite products of January! I said at the beginning that I would try not to ramble. Clearly that didn't work. Oh well, you guys don't seem to mind haha! I also want to say a quick thank you to you all for the lovely comments and support I'm getting about my new blog design, it really makes me so so happy! I'll see you next week x

What's your favourite product of January?

Stay Sweet,

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Products mentioned:

W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow (Not avaliable online but is instore!) - Postie Plus

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  1. All these products look great! I'm gonna have to try some of these out! Hopefully they have them in my drugstore...
    XOXO Bella

    1. Haha hopefully! The only product that might be hard to find is maybe the Collection Blush, because it's not in all countries sadly x

  2. Fun fact, I used to work at tank :) But yes I agree definitely healthier than a fizzy drink, you can always ask them to swap the frozen yoghurt out for something else

    Kathy xx

    1. Yes I totally agree! I guess I could ask for no fro yo, but let's be honest - it's so yum ahaha! x

  3. I Love your favourites and I've always wanted to try making a mug cake hmm...maybe I'll try it out soon. Beautiful photos too ❤️

  4. Haha you definitely should! When you get a good recipe with proper cake ingredients they are so yummy! And thank you x

  5. The makeup looks great! Also, that book looks amazing! I will need to look at that book more :)

    1. Thank you so much! And you should definitely check it out, it's great! x


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