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February 16, 2016

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be sharing two of my favourite swimsuits/bikinis that I've been loving this Summer, plus a few accessories I've been using the past few months. This is my first official style post, I did a style type post back in December for 12 Days of Sweet As Mae (SEE HERE), but this is my first official style post.
This blog is anonymous so I obviously won't be trying the bikinis on, plus I'd prefer not to so I'll just be showing you guys photos and sharing my thoughts on them so far this Summer! P.S I know it's not Summer all around the world right now, but it is the middle of Summer in New Zealand right now and maybe this post could be helpful for when it is Summer wherever you live! Anyways I'm just going to get started.

Cotton On Body Scallop Frill Tank and Diamond High Waisted Bottoms (Sold separately)

Both of the bikinis I'm going to show today are from Cotton On Body, I just find that they have such a good size range and an amazing selection of styles. I bought these two items separately, I find it easier to get a good size and that way I can mix and match. I love this frilly top, it's a bubblegum pink  colour and the straps are black. The back is really pretty, it's all criss crossy and ties up. QUICK TIP: Make sure to tie the straps up VERY tight! Since the straps are quite stretchy if you don't tie them up tight enough you might have some strap slips! I also love the style of this top, I find that bandeau style tops are really good if you have a smaller bust because there's not as much room to fill. The only down side to this top is that although the frills look super cute at first, when they're wet they can get a bit lopsided, so every so often I just make sure my frills look normal!

High waisted bikini bottoms have been really trendy recently, and I love them! I think they can be so flattering and make a bikini more interesting. Plus they just look so retro and cute! If you're feeeling a bit brave with your bikini style you should definitely give these a go. I'm not sure if this exact style is still available from Cotton On Body but they have a good range of high waisted bottoms. I love the print of this, it's kind of tribal and it reminds me of aztec. I love wearing these bottoms with the frill top because I think they compliment each other so well! These bottoms are insanely comfortable too, no rubbing or rashes like some other bikini bottoms.

Cotton On Body Halter Crop and Flirty Bikini Bottoms (Sold separately)

Halter style bikini tops have also been really in lately, I find almost anyone can rock a halter top and like the frill bandeau top they are especially perfect if you have a smaller bust. I really like the print on mine shown here, it's quite tropical and I love the Summery colours. I think this is called the "Paradise" print and I have been loving it all Summer. This is another top that you'll want to make sure all straps are tightly tied! 

A lot of girls have been loving bikini bottoms that show a bit of butt, I personally do not like full on G string bikini bottoms, but these are really lovely! They just show a teeny bit of Summer bum, nothing extreme which is good if you're like myself. They tie up at the sides into cute little bows, and they're a pinky peach colour. I love these because they match the halter top perfectly and I just think this is a really lovely set. I probably like this one a bit more than my other set because sometimes I'm not feeling brave enough for the high waisted bottoms.

Supre off shoulder crop top, Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera, Rubi Shoes sunglasses 

These are just a few other accessories I've been loving this beach season. This Supre top is so cute, I love the warm colours and Summery print, plus it's really good to chuck on over a bikini. I'm not sure if it's in store anymore but I'll link the site below in case.

You've all probably seen this camera before on my blog! Sorry guys but I actually love it so much, I've captured some lovely beach shots this Summer. If you're into photography or just want a more unique way off keeping your photos/memories, you should definitely invest in one of these! Plus they look great on the gram haha :)

If you're looking for some stylish but affordable sunnies, I highly recommend Rubi Shoes! They have a massive variety of sunglasses and they're all really cheap. I love these ones, they're a rose gold coppery colour and have a brown tint. These are the sunnies I've been wearing pretty everyday this Summer!

So I hope you guys enjoyed seeing some photos of my favourite bikinis and accessories this year, if it's not Summer where you live right now hopefully this gave you some tips for when it is Summer and you need a swimsuit/bikini! Also I want to quickly apologise that this post went up late, I went to Cirque De Soleil in the weekend (can I just say it was absolutely INSANE), and I didn't get a chance to put this post up! I hope you guys liked my very first style post and there will be more style posts throughout this year! See ya next week xxx

What is your fave shop to buy /swimsuits/bikinis?

Stay Sweet,
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  1. Hello, I like that swimsuit, so cute I hope I have one.

  2. Hi! Just to let you know, I've nominated you for the Liebster tag award. Love your blog <3
    Kisses, Rose

    1. Thank you so much! That means so much to me, so I can't thank you enough. You've made my whole 2016 so far so thank you thank you thank! *So many thank yous and hugs* xxx ♥

  3. This post is so sweet I love it!
    -Morgan | www.justmorgs.com


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