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September 13, 2016

Photo from my blog post, March Favourites, see it here
Hello Sweeties! I love Sundays. They're usually the real wind-down from the week for me. I like to take Sundays slow and do things I enjoy if possible. I think of Sundays as the day where I really relax and let my mind rest from the week, so I am always sure to fill it with relaxing activities. I thought I would share a few of those with you today to give you a little insight and maybe some inspiration into my perfect Sunday!


Photo from my blog post, My Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction, see it here

Since I spend most of my week dancing (despite my long term injury - Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction, see that post here), it's really important to have what they call a "rest day". If you are doing a lot of athletic activity it's so important to make sure you give your muscles a good stretch and a day with little to no activity at least once a week so they can repair themselves. You want to make sure you're muscles are staying loose and not tightening up because of over-exercising (yes, it is a thing!). Sunday is my perfect day to stretch and I like to spend a good half and hour to and hour (in addition to my physio given stretches) to really relax my muscles and pamper my body.


Reading is a super relaxing thing for me. I really enjoy reading but I never have time for it during the week, so Sunday's are generally the days where I indulge my love for reading. I like to sit down with a cup of tea on a Sunday morning and just read and read. The only issue is I'm the sort of person who struggles to put a book down - I'll end up reading the whole thing! I've been enjoying many authors and books recently but a couple of my favourites have been All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom. Both amazing stories, be sure to comment on this post if you want a full review!


Photo from my blog post, March Favourites, see it here
I am a huge vlog watcher. I watch so many different daily vloggers that I often find it difficult to keep up inbetween school work and dance, so on Sunday's I really love to sit down and binge watch my favourite vloggers. I don't do this every Sunday because it is a little time-consuming, but when I can I really get a lot of joy from it! My favourite daily vlogger is probably PointlessBlogVlogs but I also really enjoy the Sacconejolys. Plus I love MoreZoella and Tanya Burr's vlogs for more occasional vlogging.


Photo from my blog post, The Brow Power, see it here
I love photography in general, but I particularly love sitting down and taking photos for the coming week's blog posts. I find it so fun to sit down with a note pad, planning the shots with different backgrounds, props and lighting techniques. Recently I've really enjoyed being creative with my blog photos and Sunday is generally the day where I will do a bulk of photography. I find it so relaxing and calming to.


Photo from my blog post, The Royal Manicure, see it here

I'm one of these people who loves to have that perfect manicure all the time. I'm all for the freshly painted nails and making sure my nails are in good condition for the week ahead, so Sunday is usually the day where I will give my nails a little TLC. I like to start with cuticle oil then move on to the polish colours and finishing with a super hydrating hand cream. I touched more on this in my The Royal Manicure post, so you can check that out here for more info.

What is your favourite Sunday activity?

Stay Sweet,
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