The Lounge wear Diary

September 12, 2016

Hello Sweeties! I'm a lounge wear lover - it's no secret. For me there's nothing better than getting home from school and changing into my oldest, cosiest, shapeless items I own that are most unflattering. But I love them anyway. They make me feel so comfy and at ease, and I'll admit I probably couldn't cope without my over sized sweaters and baggy track pants! I wanted to give the lounge wear a little TLC, so I put together this post where I'll be going through my lounge wear style Monday to Friday. Enjoy! 


One of my favourite things about lounge wear is the fact I can wear items that totally clash and I really don't care! I spend so much time working on colour blocking my style and wishing I'd listened when we learnt about "complimentary colours in art class, it's a real treat to throw on whatever and know that the colours are so bright and clashing they hurt your eyes. 


On Tuesday we had a major cold snap, so I took it upon myself to layer up in the cosiest lounge wear pieces I own. Big printed sweatshirts are my personal fave, I love feeling like my top is giving me a constant cuddle (life of a single teen haha!). Fleeced baggy sweatshirts and shapeless trackies to match? Life doesn't get better than this. 


This outfit is the perfect example of more summer appropriate lounge wear. Although I cannot deny my obsession with cosy sweaters, I do love those light lounge wear pieces that have the same "can't be bothered feel" without being too hot. Cotton shorts and loose tops are my favourite for this occasion! 


So you thought lounge wear couldn't become more of a lazy option? It just did. But in all honesty I prefer the term "effortless" to lazy. Today I went all out in not caring and pretty much grabbed the closest item of clothing in sight and threw it on. Go big or go home, right? 


On the flip side to slug day, I am a huge fan of the active lounge wear. I feel like when you're working out you want to be as comfortable as possible, and this really is the way to do it. The comfy loose shorts paired with a gym tank are my go-to items when I want a quick and easy work out(fit). Apologies for yet another pathetic pun. (hehe)

What are your lounge wear picks?

Stay Sweet,
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