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September 01, 2016

Hello Sweeties! A lot of girls won't wear any makeup when going to the gym for a workout or a sport training/exercise class. I generally do the same, but there are some days where I want to do a workout without scaring people outside with my facial nudity! If you don't want to wear any makeup while working out that's fine, as I often don't myself. But if I need a little confidence booster or just a little coverage on any problematic areas these are the products I will use and how I use them.

Image result for sephora corrector green
A colour corrector is an essentially for any makeup look in my opinion. It makes concealing a lot easier and more heavy duty. I purchased this Sephora product when I went to the states (see my Makeup Haul here) and I've been loving it ever since. It chose the green shade to combat any redness of my blemishes and it works amazingly. It's not too thick in consistency but still offers decent coverage, and conceals redness so well! This is perfect for minimal makeup because it covers just enough without looking like a full face of makeup.

Image result for collection lasting perfection concealerSTEP 2: COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER - FAIR

This has been my H.O concealer for so long now. Every time I try a new concealer I always refer back to this because the price combined with the quality is so good. It's super brightening and has great coverage for both blemishes and under eye circles. For this look I also apply a little on my cheeks and it looks just like skin. It does a great job of brightening too and making you look more awake - perfect for a morning workout. I like to blend it in with a beauty sponge for a more natural and seamless look.

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You will want this minimal makeup to last as long as possible, so a powder is essentially. I'm generally not a fan of a matte finish but for workouts I love it as it can help prevent shiney-skin during your workout. This Rimmel powder is really good quality, it holds my makeup really well and adds a little more coverage. 

Image result for too faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer

This step is probably the most versatile. You can use a blush, a highlight or any powder you want here. I prefer powder products to cream for workout makeup because with cream products takes a lot of layering and a while to blend, and you might not have a whole lot of time on your hands. I go for bronzer instead of blush because since I'm so fair a little bronzer really warms up my skin and makes it look a lot healthier and more alive. This Too Faced bronzer is absolutely amazing, I have been using it everyday for the past month and I can't get enough of it. It blends so easily and warms up the face without looking orangey. 

Image result for urban decay setting spray
What I aim for in workout makeup is for it to last as long as possible. I mentioned this product in my One Minute Makeup Reviews (see that post here), and like I said in that post it's pretty much makeup glue. The hold is amazing, even through a little sweat and heat it helps hold my makeup for as long as possible. It also just makes everything sit a little nicer and adds a beautiful finish to your makeup. I could be imagining it but I feel like it makes my skin look a lot healthier too. Great product, I highly recommend and it's perfect for workout makeup.

Do you wear makeup during workouts?

Stay Sweet,

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