10 Beauty Rituals I Dislike

February 16, 2017

10 Beauty Rituals I Dislike Flat Lay

Hello Sweeties! Since I love beauty and makeup, there is obviously a lot of "Beauty Rituals" I have to undergo as a makeup and beauty junkie. Today I thought I'd do something a little bit different, and share some beauty rituals I really dislike. The sort of "it-can-wait" rituals you procrastinate doing until it's 10x harder than it was originally.  So let's take a little looksie at some of my most procrastinated beauty rituals and shed some light on a few things I really quite dislike doing!

1. Washing makeup brushes. For me it's the time on this job. No matter what contraption you order online, no matter how "magic" your soap is, washing makeup brushes takes too long in my opinion and in all honesty I really can't be bothered. 

2. Shaving in general. Although I love having smooth skin, I find shaving to be one of my most disliked beauty rituals. Why can't the hair just magically disappear? Much more practical - and logical too, of course ;) 

3. Moisturising in Summer. You're hot, you're sweaty, you feel like a walking sauna. Do you really want to be slathering on a layer of what feels like grease in the Summer months onto your body? I think not. 

4. Any type of waxing. I prefer waxing to shaving, but I don't care how often you go, or where you are being waxed. Let's face it, it's painful. 

5. Plucking my eyebrows. The proper name is actually "tweezering" but whatever the name is it doesn't make it any less unpleasant. I have quite sensitive skin around that area and I just hate the whole concept of plucking those little hairs from your face. 

6. Removing eye makeup. Despite all the amazing micellar waters and makeup removers out there today, I still dislike removing my eye makeup. With a passion. If it weren't for my love of having huge lashes I would skip mascara in general. 

7. Cleaning my hairbrush. When you have a lion's mane of hair like myself, properly washing/cleaning your hair brush at least once every fortnight is an essential. However I find this task most unpleasant. I can't say my joy is evident as I pull clumps of knotted, unruly hair from my brush. Ew. 

8. Cutting toenails. A slightly awkward topic but it is an essential for people in general. I don't like feet, I find toes weird so why on earth would do I have to spend valuable time trimming my toenails?

9. Removing nail polish. Oh how I dislike this task. It feels like such a chore, I love painting my nails but I just don't have the patience required to sit there with a cotton pad struggling to remove my nail polish (and failing miserably). No, just no. 

10. Styling my hair when it's hot. Winter? I find styling my hair almost enjoyable. Relax, take my time. Summer is a different story. The amount of effort I put in trying to get my mane off my face and force it into a somewhat presentable pony tail is ridiculous. I don't need to go to the gym, doing my hair when it's sweltering is the equivalent of arm day. 

What beauty rituals do you dislike?

Stay Sweet,

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