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February 05, 2017

New Retro Pieces

Hello Sweeties! I don't post style posts that often but when I do I really enjoy them, so I thought I would upload this spontaneous style post as my first of 2017. My style and fashion sense has definitely grown and changed over the past year, so I wanted to update you all on how I would describe my style plus a few new fashion bits and bobs that I have accumulated over the last month or so.

New Retro pieces flat lay


I didn't know someones style could change so much in one year, but I am living evidence of this. Don't get me wrong, I still like a lot of my older clothing items and their colours and fabrics, but it's the overall aesthetic of my style that has had a major makeover. I would describe my style as "Alty". I call it that because it sounds cooler than alternative, and I like to think that my style is somewhat unique. My favourite types of outfits are ones that mix new trends with retro vibes, old with new, Audrey Hepburn (my spirit animal) with Ariana Grande. I like to be a bit dfferent, but not so far out the box that my comfort zone is toppling off a cliff. I'd say my style mixes 70s, 80s and a bit of 90s. Retro with a unique twist.

New Retro pieces stacked

Dotti Heart print Jumper
Dotti Heart print jumper - NZD $50 - No Longer Available - similar

Although Dotti is a modern trend store, they do often have a few super cute retro/vintage pieces in the store. And despite the fact that it's 28 degrees in New Zealand right now, I couldn't resist picking up this adorable 90s heart print jumper. I love the bright pink and red hearts and I think this would look so cute paired with some flared jeans and converse sneakers (check out my post The Sneaker Series to see my faves here).

Mink Pink Denim Jacket -NZD $120 - No Longer Available - Similar 

Dotti oversized vintage denim jacket
I've been dying to get my hands on an oversized denim jacket for absolutely ages, I feel like they look so vintage and go with every outfit. I was in Wellington recently and noticed that the new David Jones store was open, so I checked out their clothing range and splurged on this Mink Pink denim piece. Although it's pricey being Mink Pink it's a really nice quality jacket and since it's oversized it will last me for many seasons to come. It's a really nice in between light and dark denim shade, with a few rips here and there to add to the vintage vibe. I definitely think if you're wanting a more vintage denim jacket go for an oversized one rather than the the trendy cropped jackets. 

Thrift Audrey Hepburn tee - NZD $20 -No Longer Available 
Audrey Hepburn tee print
Wellington really is the hub for vintage clothing! I purchased this Audrey Hepburn State tee from Thrift. Thrift is one of my favourite stores for retro and vintage clothing, and whenever I go to Wellington I always make sure to pop in. Obviously this tee is no longer available as it is a second hand shop so there's only one of each item. I have never seen an Audrey tee like this one, it's really one of a kind and unique so I'm so glad I bought it! It's a white tee with a pink-toned graphic of Audrey with a cute cat on her shoulder, holding her signature cigarette of course! Although Thrift is a second hand shop you'd be surprised at how many great brands are sold there, I often see absolute treasures from stores like Zara, Country Road, Calvin Klein and iloveugly. It's one of those stores that is so unique but has some lovely pieces so I strongly recommend you go check it out if your looking for retro clothing. 

Jay Jays Fray Hem Denim Short - NZD $34.95

Jay Jays fray hem denim short

Nothing says vintage like a frayed/ripped item, so these denim frayed shorts from Jay Jays have been an essential for me all Summer long. I am for sure a lover of dark denim wash or black when it comes to shorts, so these are ideal for me. They go well with heaps of my baggy tees and make for a nice Summer look.

Portmans velvet black choker

Portmans Velvet Choker - NZD $12.95 

I've had my eye on various chokers for ages, and I picked this simple black velvet style choker from Portmans. I think a choker can add a retro vibe to any outfit, and it's a great option if you're not into necklaces but want something to complete a retro look. They offer the same choker in a blush pink which I'm thinking of picking up because I love the velvet style of this choker!

New Retro Pieces

How would you describe your style?

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