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September 07, 2015

Hey guys! So today I thought I would post something a little bit different. Basically I'm just going to have a little chat with you about something that I have been doing for the past 20 days. And that is the 90 Day Challenge.
I first want to acknowledge Alfie Deyes, aka Pointlessblog. He is the person who got me started on this challenge, and I thank him greatly for that! I for one absolutely LOVE Alfie and his videos; I watch all his main channel videos and his daily vlogs. In one of his recent vlogs, entitled "90 Day Challenge", Alfie explained that he was going to start a challenge over a 90 day period to achieve certain goals. Alfie's goals included becoming more positive, productive and transforming his body (eating healthy, going to the gym regularly) and he seemed super excited to begin the challenge. I'm not going to lie here, Alfie influences me a lot - he really inspires me to try new things and do things I want to do, and in this vlog, he really did that. So I decided to begin my own 90 Day Challenge. I'm not just doing this because I want to be like Alfie or anything like that, I'm doing it because his talk in the vlog made me realise that there are a lot of things that I could improve about myself and how I act to become an overall better person. There are so many goals that I have wanted to achieve, so many things I could improve on, and i feel like the 90 Day Challenge is a chance for me to do that. Below I have listed a few of my goals that I wanted to complete during the 90 day period to improve my lifestyle :) enjoy!

1. Go To Bed Earlier
This one sounds a bit silly, but I am being dead serious! Before the 90 Day Challenge I was going to bed late and falling asleep even later. I'm a thirteen year old girl her needs her beauty sleep, especially since I'm growing and getting up in the morning! I am not going specify how late I was going to sleep, lets just say I wasn't getting 8-9 hours a night, which is the amount I should have been getting all along. The culprit? Youtube and web surfing! Once I was online, I couldn't seem to get off before being dragged into a chain of clothing stores or youtube videos, and it was becoming an issue! But already, I have improved. I am getting a good 9 hours sleep every night, 10-11 hours on the weekends. This is just one of many goals that I have already begun to achieve, and it just goes to show what you can accomplish when you have a specific challenge to work for!

2. Eat Healthier/Work Out More
I consider myself quite a healthy person - I do a lot of out of school sports (I'm a dancer) and I eat quite healthy meals. However, there's just one issue. I am a major sweet tooth! I just can't resist a decadent brownie or chocolate covered cookie, and although I do a lot of excersise, I know that my diet could improve. And I also wanted to start doing some full on fitness the days that I don't do dance. So far, this goal is going pretty well. I signed up to this amazing american site called 'Blogilates' and printed off the beginners work out calendar (I'll leave a link at the end). Blogilates is pretty much a form of intense exercise to improve your strength and tone any muscles that need it. I have worked out for one hour every day that I can and I am already seeing my physical strength at dance and at other occasions improve! Diet wise, I'm getting there! Blogilates features a ton of healthy foods and snacks that are budget friendly and easy to make, which is great for me, because the main thing that makes my diet not-so-great is my snacking difficulties. I am a CRAZY snacker. In between dance classes, while I am doing my homework I just can't help myself! But since I started the 90 Day Cgallenge I have devised some healthy snacks to satisfy my sweet tooth, and I am thinking of posting those next week so look out for that!

3.Post a blog EVERY week
As you can see, I am doing well with this one! I have blogged every week for the past three weeks and I have a ton of blog post ideas lined up, so get excited for that! (hauls, reviews and other tutorials can be expected!!!) <3

4. Procrastinate MUCH less
I get a lot of homework! Like, a LOT! And I found that recently I was starting to delay my homework completion, and I did see my grades decreasing. By decreasing I mean that they were really good before, and then they started to get a bit worse haha! (Not being up-myself there, I got good grades because I worked really hard and didn't PROCRASTINATE ahaha!). But for me, that is pretty bad because I am a crazy perfectionist! Since my first day of the 90 Day Challenge, I have been a lot more productive and I have not procrastinated! I am super proud of myself with this goal because as soon as I made a change I was back up to my personal standards :)

5. Be A Nicer Person In General
One of my goals is to be more positive/happy/nicer. I am not saying I was a psycho, angry mean girl before, I just found that I got easily frustrated and  a bit grumpy at times, and the thought that I wasn't being very positive made me even angrier! I have deifintely seen a change in myself, I am handling situations a lot better and I am trying my best to be positive even when I am going through hard times.

Overall, I am doing pretty well with the challenge so far! I am already seeing results in my goals and I am excited for the next 60 days! I might do a bit more than 90 days, since I have had a few weak days I might boost it up to 100 days, but I'm not too sure yet haha :) Get excited to see a few of my favourite healthy snacks next week, and give this challenge a go!!! Stay Sweet, Mae <3

Alfie's vlogging channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PointlessBlogTv
Blogilates: http://www.blogilates.com/

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