Spots and Self-Esteem

August 29, 2016

Hello Sweeties! Today I wanted to have a lil chat with you all. I personally love these posts. The sit down with a cup of tea and ramble my thoughts onto a fresh blog post. I love the casualness of these posts, and just sharing my thoughts with you guys brings me so much joy. Today's topic is spots. A very broad title, I'm sure you're all aware. Today I wanted yo share my thoughts on the topic of spots and how they can affect your self-esteem - maybe give you all a little confidence booster or a few words of encouragement :) Other than that it;s basically a Sweet As Mae ramble with meaning haha!


 I'm not a dermatologist, I'm just a girl sharing my experiences here in my little corner of the internet. I'm just offering my own personal advice and experiences so do not take my thoughts on this topic as facts, like I said it's just relating to my skin personally and what I've learnt from my own skin.


I don't have perfect skin. I'm not the girl who has never had a spot, who has that natural glow with no marks or blemishes or redness or bags under her eyes. My skin type is normal to dehydrated. I get breakouts fairly frequently, have dark circles the size of the moon under my eyes and my cheeks can get a little pink/red. My breakouts aren't your average white head pimples. I prefer the term spots because I think it describes my breakouts more accurately. I have a mild form of acne, with breakouts generally occurring on my lower forehead and chin, the spots usually being Papules. The issue is, I don't actually get that many individual spots. But the spots I do get are quite inflamed and leave red marks that seem to linger for months and months and never properly clear up. 


These spots can really cut down my self esteem. I know my skin might seem pretty good, and I'm actually quite lucky seeing as my acne is mild. But that doesn't mean it doesn't affect me. I'm too scared to go to school without even a little makeup on, I even get a little nervous facially naked in front of my friends. Of course that's not the main reason why I wear makeup - I wear it because it's a fun creative outlet (but that's another topic!), but it is one reason. And I hate that in today's society, if you have spots people label you as "ugly" or act like it affects your personalty. It doesn't. A spot doesn't define your physical appearance, let alone your personality. I know it's difficult to get this through if you are self-conscious about your skin. I get it. I'm still on the journey to skin confidence, but I'm getting there for sure. Don't let anyone tell you that one or ten spots affect you as a person because they don't. 


This is such a hard thing to do when it comes to skin. I have so many days when I look in the mirror and think I'm absolutely hideous. I tell my self I'll never have that beautifully radiant skin without makeup. But don't give up. If you want that skin, you can do it. There are so many factors relating to clearing up your skin so do your research. I have been doing a lot of research recently and it's definitely helped my skin overall and made me feel better when it's not so clear. Don't forget that a lot of people have spots. Most of my friends have at least a few spots, and I'm sure you're not the only one either. By staying positive and knowing that spots will not last forever (depending on your condition of course) you will feel overall better about your skin. 

I'm for sure on the way for having clearer skin, so if you guys want more skin related posts be sure to comment below :)

What's your skin type?

Stay Sweet,

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