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July 01, 2016

Hello Sweeties! For my last post before I head to the states on Saturday, I wanted to  write something travel related. Packing for a holiday is so much fun, the excitement from filling your luggage with all your holiday bits and bobs is so amazing! Plus long haul flights don't sit great with me so I like to have my carry on luggage packed and prepped so I can feel as comfortable as possible. Today I'm going to ramble my way through my travel essentials for my carry on.


I highly recommend a little suitcase for long haul flights, it makes life so much easier! I usually take one of these for flights over about 5 hours. You can fit a whole lot more and you avoid carrying a massive heavy backpack or shoulder bag. Too many times have I spent my time in airport dragging an over-filled backpack through the terminal - take it from me, you need a little wheeley suitcase for long haul flights! I also like to take a purse for easy access things like my phone, wallet and passport.


Phone, wallet, passport, any cards or id's - not much to be said, but they are an essential!

Typo lense kit, Typo tripod, Lumix camera, Cotton On selfie stick (similar)


Of course I'll be spending a lot of my holiday capturing those classic tourist pics, so I'll need things like my camera, tripod and iPod lenses etc. I prefer to put these in my carry on because you can be a lot more gentle with them and know that your precious selfie stick is safe and sound!

Typo glasses case (no longer available), Apple charger, My phone, Typo headphones (no longer available)


It's a 12 hour flight to the USA, so that means I'll need something to occupy myself from the thought of being in the air for that long. Long haul flights have in flight movies, which always makes me more at ease while flying. But to watch those movies or series episodes downloaded on my iPod or phone I need headphones. I like to bring two types of headphones for in flight entertainment; over ear and in ear. I find over ear headphones super comfortable - for a certain amount of time. But after they've been pressing into my ears for a couple hours I like to switch to in ear headphones. I throw all my chargers into my carry on too, just in case something happens to my main suitcase. I have also put my glasses into this category because they're an essential for me. I wear contact lenses throughout the day but for nighttime I always stick with my glasses. Another essential item for me is my neck pillow; I personally don't think you can board a long haul flight without one of these! Especially since I'm supposed to sleep on this flight, I need something for head comfort.


Planes have a lot of germs. Like a lot. And if you're sitting around with those germs for 12 hours, you'll want to make sure your carry on is prepped with things to keep you feeling clean and fresh. Things like deodorant, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, mini toothpaste and mints are vital for feeling fresh throughout the flight. I also pop in a few things for personal care, like tissues, panadol (in case of headaches), a hairbrush and lip balm. You'll notice I also have some face wipes in there - I don't like wearing makeup on planes, I see long haul flights as a chance for my skin to breath. And I generally take it all off before I board the flight. BUT if my face is feeling a little hot and dirty at the end of the flight I like to use these wipes to freshen my skin. 


Although I don't like wearing makeup on the flight, I don't want to spend my first day in states facially naked. I like to pop on a little bit of concealer for my under eye circles and blemishes, plus bronzer to liven up my skin. Hey, you can't expect glowing skin after 12 hours on a plane to be perfectly honest. To apply these products I have popped in a sponge for concealer and a fluffy brush for bronzer blending. 

Q&A A Day Journal, Typo Diary (no longer available), Typo pencil case ( no longer available), pens


I like to add a few extras to my carry on which may not be essential for you but they sure are for me! My Q&A a Day Journal. I knew I wanted to take this away, I feel like I'll have some cool answers while I'm in the USA. And since it's quite precious I didn't want to leave it in my suitcase where my luggage isn't treated as gently as my own carry on! My pens and notebook are two other extras for me. While I'm away I like to document everything both visually and with words, so a notebook/diary is vital for me while travelling. And of course you can't have a diary without pens, so I've popped a little pencil case into my carry on too.


Last but not least, snacks! While flying I tend to get a little nervous and tired, so a few snacks not only make me feel energized but comfortable too. I've gone for the classic Pascall Gummy Jet Planes (a bit of a theme going on here) and a couple cadbury chocolate bars. 


- Treat your carry on like something may happen to your main suitcase - what are the things you couldn't live without or replace? 

- But be thoughtful - remember, you don't need to take your whole life on holiday! 

- Personalise it - everyone's carry on will be different, make sure to personalise your carry on to things that YOU individually would need. This post is just a guide for advice and ideas :)

What are your in flight essentials?
P.S I'll see you all in two weeks after my holiday! Wish me luck x

Stay Sweet, 
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  1. Will definitely refer back to this post when I go on holiday at the end of the year. Going to America is so exciting and I'm sure you'll do lots of shopping because of the crazy cheap prices over there :) x


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