USA Diary: Mickey's not-so-fun Wheel

July 22, 2016

July 3rd 2016, 

I got up petty early today, it was Day 2 at Disneyland and I could not contain my excitement. Yesterday night was so amazing I knew that today would be even better. Going somewhere that you've only seen in movies and dreamed of in the craziest of dreams is absolutely insane. I still can't quite comprehend that I'm here, a small girl from New Zealand is about to go to Disneyland for the second day in a row. Crazy. 

Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road ride, one of my absolute faves - so much fun and amazing special effects!

It was an amazing day, we went to the Disney California Adventure Park as well as the main Disneyland Park. Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Run were awesome rides but we all got saturated on both! No wonder people were hopping on with ponchos :/ We looked like drowned rats basically. But hey, it was fun! The California Screamin' roller coaster and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror were my two favourite rides of the day; I definitely recommend if you like scarier rides. Although I loved the Disney castle walk-through tours and it's a small world, I do love thrill rides! Speaking of thrill my family had a terrifying experience today. Mickey's Fun Wheel. 

It's A Small World ride; so so cute!

We knew we wanted to go on the ferris wheel, they're a favourite of mine personally and it looked so cute, mickey's face on the wheel and stars and sparkles. Very tame, very sweet. When we got to the line we realised you could go on a swinging gondola or a fixed one. My mum insisted on fixed, but we all voted for something different, so we opted for the swinging gondola. We got in line, little did we know the terrors we were yet to experience. Half an hour later we hopped onto our gondola. Pink, innocent, happy. All lies. We climb our way to the top of the ferris wheel and come to a stop. I sit back, ready for a gentle rock. SWWWWOOOOOSSSSHHHHH! The gondola lurched forward and my life flashed before my eyes. And it gets worse. We swing backwards, all of us screaming at the top of our lungs. Is it broken? Am I even still living? Is this legit? All questions running through my head as I swung to my death. Once the death swings stop, we're all in a state of shock. Mickey's fun wheel? More like Mickey's Death Wheel. This ride is no walk in the park, it's a serious thrill ride and made the Rainbow's End Fear Fall (which I love) look like a carousal (NZ readers know what I mean!). Much to our horror the gondola continues to go up the wheel. We come to a stop and the death swings start up again. We finally get to the bottom and do something we have never done. We ask to get off. We walk O' shame our way of Mickey's Fun Wheel, but at that point I did not care. Another two rounds of near death? I'm good with Ariel's Undersea Adventure thanks. This ride contains extreme thrills and terrifying motions. Not strapped in at all, might I add. I warn anyone going on the swinging gondolas on Mickey's not-so-fun wheel.

Nah, haha it was really that terrifying, and we did ask to get off. I'm pretty good with scary rides, but the swings felt so unnatural! Obviously it's completely safe and harmless, but take cautiion - you might end up walk O' shaming with me! Mickey's Fun Wheel is now my benchmark for fear. I've never been more scared in my life. It's ok though - two families asked to get off before us! It's a pretty funny story now, we all laugh about Mickey's Fun Wheel! 

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!

Toffee apple covered in nuts from Disney - does life get better? 

I made a few Disneyland purchases then we all headed back to the hotel. For dinner we went to an American diner-style restaurant called Bubba Gump. It was Forrest Gump themed; does America get any better? The food was delicious and it was a lovely way to end day 2 in the states. 

Garlic Bread from Bubba Gump  - I love how they serve things in little plastic baskets in America!

Have you ever heard of Mickey's Fun Wheel?

Stay Sweet,
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  1. Lovely pictures of Disneyland, I'm bad with roller coasters so I probably wont go on the fun wheel if I ever go to Disney!

    1. Haha I love roller coasters but that wheel was terrifying!!! Thanks for reading x


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