USA Diary: Hollywood Hills

July 25, 2016

July 5th, 2016

It was another day of Universal Studios today. We got to explore Harry Potter Land today, and quick shout out to H.P Land because it was amazing! I was low key waiting to see Ron in Honeydukes haha! I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter, not so much the books but I'm in love with the films. I had a bit of a YOLO moment in H.P Land too. 

So basically Luna Lovegood is my favourite character of the later Harry Potters movies, and you could buy her replica wand and it was like $60 NZD but I did it. I know it's only a piece of wood and I'll only get it out when I watch Harry Potter but I couldn't help myself. It was just so pretty (you'll get to see it in my clothing and stuff haul coming soon!) so yea that happened! Also got a few sweets in Honeydukes and took some cool shots of Hogwarts. We went to a western themed restaurant in Universal for brunch and I had these gigantic pancakes which, although delicious, were too big to eat haha! And I never knew this but in the states "biscuits" are like scones in New Zealand or England or Australia etc. Learn something new everyday!

After all magic was over and we had had our fair share of time in Harry Potter Land we headed to Hollywood to see the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign. The drive up through the Hollywood Hills was so cool! So many cute colourful houses in windy roads with vintage cars. It looked like a dream, not a really place, and it was amazing. We got some cool family pics at the Hollywood sign, it was so awesome seeing it in real life!

Next we tackled the Walk of Fame; I got a pic with Betty White's star haha! Does life get Betty-er? (ok shameful pun). We took a quick trip to Beverly Hills, pretty much just salivated at the Gucci and Guess stores that were so stunning! Saw a pair of earrings for $56,000 - WHAT A BARGAIN! Haha although stunning B.H was a tad pricey. All I could afford were some 42 ice creams from a cart next to the Chanel store. I'll got back there one day and spend a little more, maybe! 

We went back to the Italian restaurant for dinner - we couldn't resist - and even tried some liquid nitrogen ice cream from a little shop called Creams & Dreams for dessert. It was so cool and the ice cream was really good, super creamy AND they offered cookie nutella flavour. Um yes please. Such a lovely day :)

What's your favourite Harry Potter film?

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