One Year of Sweet As Mae

July 22, 2016

Hello Sweeties! In the midst of my trip to the states and all the diary entry posts, hauls etc. I haven't had a chance to post about Sweet As Mae's one year anniversary! It was officially on the 17th of July but since I was in America at that time I've had to postpone it slightly. But it was around this time last year was when I wrote my first post.

 Only 13 at the time, never having had a single experience with blogging - I remember my very first blog template, I had no understanding of html whatsoever, let alone designing my own template and header. I'm so happy with how far I've come and the stage that Sweet As Mae is at. I wrote a rambly post with a few facts about myself. I didn't even know what the point of my blog was going to be, what it was going to be about. All I knew was how scared I was when I hit that publish button, not knowing what anyone would think. My first post is pretty cringe, but I've left it there for my reader's enjoyment, so I'll link it here.

I can't even describe to you guys how much fun I have had this past year. I don't have a single regret making this blog. It's really given me a place to properly share my thoughts with you guys plus experiment more with my photography. 

I've also met some absolutely amazing people in my small space on the internet, and I cannot thank each and every one of my readers enough for sticking by me, old and new readers alike. Reading your comments makes me so so happy. Whenever I click a post and see a new comment it instantly brightens my day, and I hope you lovely people understand that! I can't understand what you guys like about my rambles about makeup and stripes, but nonetheless I really do appreciate you all. I love my Sweeties endlessly and can't wait to meet more people in the blogging world. 

Now I'm 14, I'm written over 50 blog posts and I know I'm in a better space overall. Blogging is such a head clearer, and although I loved my trip to the states it made me realise how much I missed sitting down and writing a new blog post. I really feel like I'm having a chat with my friends, not people who I only know through their own words. 

I am beyond excited for another amazing year of Sweet As Mae and I hope you guys are too. Again I love you all.

Sweet As Mae's First Few Posts:

How long have you been blogging?

Stay Sweet,

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  1. Happy one year! I can't wait to see your blog develop and grow xx


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