USA DIARY: Santa Monica Ventures

July 23, 2016

July 4th 2016,

I spent this morning packing up my things before taking a shuttle out of Anaheim and into Santa Monica. Last night I said goodbye to Disneyland (cry) but today it's hello to Universal Studios, which I was super pumped for. Once we got to our new hotel in Santa Monica (can I just say what a beautiful part of LA Santa Monica is) we headed straight to Universal Studios. 

We went on a lot of rides, the Jurassic Park ride and The Mummy were two of my favourites. We also saw the amazing special effects show. I highly highly recommend you see this is you ever go to Universal! It's so interesting and absolutely insane! We also managed to see the Studio Tour which is another tour I highly recommend. It's absolutely insane, I only took a couple pictures so I didn't spoil the magic of the tour. You get to see the sets of some amazing movies and tv shows like King Kong, Jaws and Psycho. Again really interesting and it has a few ride-like parts to it. I loved the studio tour, it was a lot of fun and I would do it again! 


Sneak peak of Universal Studios Studio Tour :)
That night we explored Santa Monica  little more. We went for a little walk down to the famous Santa Monica pier which was so lovely. There was so many brightly coloured beach houses on the way, I thought they were so cute and there was even a bright pink and purple one. Can I just quickly say, why does New Zealand not have many colourful houses? America is filled with pink homes and pastel homes and even a couple bright green ones. I love it so I vow to live in a colourful house when I'm older! We even got to go on the pier's ferris wheel; a non-swinging, fixed NORMAL, tame ferris wheel overlooking the water which was so nice. The pier was beautiful and just like the movies. 

The view from our hotel - how stunning is Santa Monica?

That night we wandered around the Santa Monica shops and went to a delicious Italian restaurant for dinner. Italian is probably my favourite food, it was so so good and a grand way to end a grand day :)

Do you like Italian food?

Stay Sweet,
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  1. i hope you had a lovely time! your photos are beautiful:) i went to LA 9 years ago and i miss it so much, i also visited Universal Studios!:) x


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