Christmas Goals // #12DaysofSweetAsMae

December 01, 2015

Hey guys! I was going to post a November favourites today as well, but I wanted to focus on #12DaysOfSweetAsMae instead. So that will be going up in a few days though, don't worry!Today is the first of December, and that means the very first post of 12 Days of Sweet As Mae! I wanted to kick it off with a Christmas Goals post. I feel like everyone goes through December with certain festive things they really want to accomplish. I also feel like lots of people don't always accomplish those goals. But it's fun anyway! So this week I am just going to leave you with a list of 5 goals I would love to accomplish this December/Christmas.

1. Have a Christmas decor theme
Every single year I deck out my bedroom super festive. I mean, when you adore Christmas and have a space of your own to decorate, you're gonna go all out. But every single year I kind of just get over excited, buy a ton of decorations and they never really match. I love things that match and look nice together, so this year my goal is to make my Christmas decks match my room style and have a Christmas colour theme. The colours I'm thinking are mostly reds, golds and a bit of copper and silver. And maybe white. And pink. And green. As you can see so far that goal isn't going too well . . 

I love advent calendars, I don't think it's really Christmas without advent calendars. Here in New Zealand, our advent calendars are pretty boring, we don't really have cool beauty calendars or toy calendars. But classic chocolate calendars are fine by me! But every year I get too tempted and eat the chocolates for the 24th early. Because they're usually bigger than the rest. I know, that's not the Christmas spirit. I feel like I can achieve this goal - hopefully!

3. Have a present wrapping theme
I love wrapping Christmas gifts. It makes me so happy to make all my gifts matching and pretty. Generally I just let my mum go out and pick some Christmas wrapping. But after looking on Pinterest for hours I realised how much I want to go out and buy my own paper and decorations! I'm thinking brown and white paper with different ribbons and twine - Zoella style. (If you know what I'm on about you're amazing).

4. Do not look for any presents!
I'm gonna be completely honest here, I never really raid my mum's wardrobe or look through her texts to find out what I am getting for Christmas. But every so often I am a bit tempted to have a little looksie . . . and I don't want to do that! If I ever do I end up feeling guilty and depressed because I love surprises and I have literally just ruined it for myself. Deep, I know. This one should not be too difficult to accomplish. I think. 

5. Take TONS of Polaroids!
As many of you may know, for my birthday this year (See my birthday haul here) one thing I was given was a pink instax mini 8 camera. Soz for the long title. Anyway, I love taking polaroids, and I feel like I could get some amazing shots over Christmas time! 

So I hope you guys enjoyed a little insight into what I am hoping to achieve this Decmeber/Christmas time! Make sure to comment below if you're excited for more 12 Days of Sweet As Mae. I know this post, wasn't loaded with cool festive shots but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. I wanted to start it off with something simple :) 

What are your goals this Christmas? 

Last #12DaysOfSweetAsMae : Coming Soon!

Stay Sweet,

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