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December 03, 2015

Hey guys! It's day 2 of 12 Days of Sweet As Mae, and I wanted to post about my favourite Christmas songs that I listen to throughout December, in case you wanted to check them out! Zoella also did a post about this and that's what inspired me to blog this, so I'll link her post at the end! Obviously hers will be a lot better than mine, but I thought I would give it a go anyway!

I was going to post similar to hers and talk about a varitaion of songs I love, but I have decided to stick to just the Michael Buble Deluxe Christmas album. This album is actually amazing . . if any of you are out there loving Christmas songs (I know there's more of you out there!) and don't have this album - GET IT. Seriously though, Zoella also inspired me to purchase the album, because after hearing the songs throughout her 2014 vlogmas I was hooked.

The CD is so festive, it features such a range of tracks. There's some old classics like Silent Night and White Christmas, plus some amazing newer tracks like Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) and Santa Baby. I just love this album, it's so Christmassy and I love Michael Buble's voice. Apparently this album is the world's most popular Christmas album, and I can see why! 

I have been listening to this on full boar since the first of December, and I'm thinking it'll continue right through December, much to my parents horror (haha!). As soon as I hear any song off this album it makes me wanna grab some Christmas socks and an Xmas Sweater - and yes even though Christmas is Summer in New Zealand I manage it. My top five tracks would be It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas, Santa Baby, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), Holly Jolly Christmas and Cold December Night. But I love them all! 

I'm now going to leave you with some festive shots of the CD around my mini Christmas tree :) I was going to photograph it everywhere, but I didn't want to give away the rest of my decor before an upcoming post . . . . ;) 

Sorry this was a bit late, but at least I managed to get it up on the 3rd of December! I'll see you guys on December 5th with another festive post. Don't forget to comment below if you're loving #12DaysOfSweetAsMae as much as I am! 

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What are your favourite Christmas songs?

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