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December 21, 2015

Can you believe that this is the second to last post for 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae? That's actually crazy! I remember planning out those first few posts back in November like it was yesterday! Anyway, today I'm posting a sort of Christmas/festive look book for you guys. I don't do a lot of fashion on my blog, I prefer beauty. But maybe I could start fashion too! Don't get me wrong, I love clothes and outfits and stuff, I just don't find it as interesting to blog about. But today I'm showing you my festive fashion picks!
I've shown you three outfits and hair styles that you can easily incorporate festivity into. As this blog is anonymous, yes I was meant to cut my face out of the photo! Hopefully it still looks alright though :) Let's get started!

For me festive fashion is all about the sparkles, bright colours and wow factor. I pretty much attempted to cram every festive item I own into this picture! I think this photo really shows what festive fashion is all about! Mind the Rudolph socks, they are just too cute!

Well I wasn't going leave out these adorable gingerbread socks. They're also so adorable and comfy, and if I'm completely honest I'm wearing them while writing this post hahaha! Chucked a bit of tinsel in there too, just to make it that little bit more festive ;)

Now on to the outfits!

Outfit 1: Metallic skirt with festive T-Shirt and gingerbread socks

Christmas is the perfect time to incorporate metallics into your everyday fashion, and this little silver skirt is so cute! I'm not sure where this is from, but you can find similar options on Ebay and Asos. I love this skirt, it looks so pretty in the light so it would be perfect for a Christmas party. I also adore the cute festive T-Shirt from Kmart. It was super affordable and I just think it looks so funny! It's bright green with a little elf on the front, but it appears like your own head is the elf head - cheesy but I think it's cute! The little elf even has it's own iPhone complete with a Rudolph phone case hahaha! I tucked the shirt into the skirt loosely for a more casual vibe, and this outfit was complete with the gingerbread socks I raved about in my last post (See it here!). Ignore my awkward posing lol!

Outfit 2: Reindeer print jumper with blue jeans, black scarf and Rudolph socks

I most probably would NOT be wearing this very often during December as it's well into Summer by Christmas. But early December there is the odd cold day as Spring transitions into Summer, so I have worn this outfit once or twice, believe it or not! I love the reindeer jumper, it's super cosy and the print is festive but not too Christmassy. Meaning I think you could wear this after December. Plus this is about as Christmassy the jumpers in New Zealand get, so we buy Christmas T-Shirts instead! The jumper is from Valley Girl, it's no longer available though. The plain blue jeans are from Just Jeans, and I have rolled up the bottoms of them. I also love the scarf, it's an infinity scarf which are my favourite types because they also sit nicely! I'm not sure where this is from though, my mum got it for me (thanks mum!) :) And of course I had to sneak the Rudolph socks in here somewhere!

Outfit 3: White cute out top with high waisted shorts, reindeer print jumper and Rudolph socks

This outfit isn't actually very festive, but I think it has a festive vibe. This is a good go to for people like me who have Summer Christmases. The cute top reminds me of snowflakes, and it's plain white so I guess people classify that as a festive colour. The top is from Dotti and the shorts from Jay Jays, they're so comfortable and look really cute in Summer. Yes I know, another reindeer jumper! Again, super cosy and from Valley Girl. This one isn't overly festive either, so it completes this subtle Christmas look. Tied around the waste it gives a nice casual look. Rudolph socks AGAIN - sorry guys, they're cute!


Now for Hairstyles! I'll make this quick because this post is already long! Here I've got a few pictures showing you how I've added festive touches with different hair accessories :)

The beanie is a classic, another one I wouldn't be wearing very much in New Zealand at this time of the year! Nonetheless I love this beanie, it's super cute grey bobble style. A big minty green bow completes any festive look, here I simply pinned a few strands of my hair back and secured it with the bow, and it looks professional! The next style is a simple plait with a pretty red flower at the bottom. Super easy and quick but if you mess it up a bit and pull a few strands here and there it looks really effective. Lastly, reindeer antler headband with a plain ponytail is a Christmas classic. I like to wear this on Christmas day with a light up Rudolph nose.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it's a bit out of my comfort zone and I put a lot of effort into this post. See you later for the final day of 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae :)

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What's your staple festive clothing item?

Stay Sweet,

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