Christmas Goals - RESULTS! // #12DaysOfSweetAsMae

December 23, 2015

Hey everyone! Sadly, we are coming to the end of 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae :( It's been hard work for me but I have really enjoyed getting the festive posts together and being creative with Christmassy ideas. Today is Day 12 of 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae, and of course I wanted to finish by giving you guys the results for my very fist 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae; Christmas Goals (See it here)! Technically it's not the end of December yet, but I feel like I already have enough results to share with you ♥ I am going to go through each goal and the results! 

Goal 1: Have a Christmas decor theme

Result: Achieved!

I definitely had a Christmas decor theme for my bedroom this year, the colours I went for were golds, reds and a pop of silver and pink. I really loved my room decor theme this year, it was all sparkley and metallic shades and they really suited my room style. If you want complete proof you can have a look at my Festive Bedroom Snippets post (Day 4, see it here!).

Goal 2: Never eat an advent chocolate on the wrong day

Result: Achieved!

Now, I still have one more day left of my advent calendar but let's be honest, when you love Christmas as much as me you're not going to go against the festive spirit of advent calendars. It was pretty easy for me to achieve this goal, but I know my brother eats all of his in the first 10 days hahaha! 

Goal 3: Have a present wrapping theme

Result: Achieved!

If you have seen my Rustic Wrapping post (Day 9, see it here!) you'll know I easily achieved this goal. I was so happy with my wrapping this year, I'm not going to go into details but it was super rustic and I have wanted to wrap my presents like this for AGES. My wrapping was inspired by Zoella and Sprinkle Of Glitter, and I had so much fun wrapping Christmas gifts this year ♥

Goal 4: Do Not Look For Any Presents

Result: Failed :(

Oops . . .what can I say, I couldn't resist having a sneaky looking peek in my parents bedroom! Usually I feel really bad afterwards because I've ruined the surprise, but I looked after they were all wrapped before they were put under the tree, so I guess I didn't fail too bad. Because I didn't actually see any presents, I just had a little looksie at the wrapped presents! Sorry guys, the temptation was too much for me to handle! 

Goal 5: Take tons of polaroids

Result: Achieved! 

I'm still taking more, but I have taken a lot of festive polaroids! I might have to show you guys some soon! I feel like the Fujifilm Instax cameras literally capture memories. They're just that little bit more special, and I have really enjoyed taking festive polaroids with my friends and family :)

So I think I've done really well with these goals, seeing as I only failed one and I didn't fail too bad! This is possibly my most festive Christmas ever, I'm always into Christmas but this year its like a whole other level hahaha! I think my festivity grows every year! I'm sad to say that this is last post for 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae, but there might be a little surprise coming as a little festive extra . . . .Keep a look out for that! I hope you've enjoyed the 12 posts for 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae, I know I have. Make sure to comment your fave post out of the 12!

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Day 12: Christmas Goals - RESULTS!

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Stay Sweet, 

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  1. Well done for achieving almost all of your goals! Number four is probably the hardest of them all anyway x

    1. Yep definitely! Ahahaha thanks for the lovely comment :)


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