Cosy Christmas Evening // #12DaysOfSweetAsMae

December 19, 2015

Hey guys! I've got a quick post for you today, just telling you a little bit about my cosy Christmas evenings throughout December :) Enjoy!

I generally get into my onesie and pop on some cosy festive socks - of course! Getting snuggly in my pyjamas is extra lovely in the lead up to Christmas!

I'll turn on all my Christmas lights and play some festive music for a while to relax  . . . .Michael Buble will probably be taking up that time haha!

You can't have a cosy Christmas evening without cute festive toys; this Rudolph toy and Santa plushy have been previously mentioned in my Festive Room Decor (see that post here!) and they are too cute ♥

I'll definitely watch a Christmas film - Love Actually, Elf and Arthur Christmas are three of my faves. This day I chose Elf, it's a classic cheesy, funny Christmas feel-good film; sounds just right, to me!

I will also make sure I have caught up on my advent calendar. This year mine is Barbie (haha), don't judge! Disney characters or cartoons are really the only options in New Zealand (our advent calendar range is quite small!) but that's fine by me!

Only three posts left of 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae (sad face)! It's gone so quickly, I hope you have enjoyed the posts so far. I have put a lot of work into these posts and I really hope you have liked them. See you later for Day 11 of 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae.

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What has your favourite post been so far?

Stay Sweet,

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  1. I love cosy socks and PJs!!! I've never watched Love Actually but I really want it any good? And I've replied to you on my blog. You asked how to add the Google friends gadget to your blog? Looking forward to more cute posts like this :D

    1. Oh thanks I'll have a look! And Love Actually is pretty good, if you like cute romantic stories (because there is many different stories that all link together). There's only one story I don't like but it's really short so its fine haha! :)


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