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December 17, 2015

Hey everyone! For Day 9 of 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae I'm talking you guys through how I wrapped most of my Christmas gifts this year. You might want to wrap yours the same or it might just inspire you for your own wrapping. Or maybe your just nosy like me and like seeing how other people wrap their prezzies! Anyway, I thought since it's only one week till Christmas you may want to make sure all your gifts are getting wrapped and sorted. 

My main wrapping theme this year was rustic. I went for a brown, red and white colour scheme with splashes of gold and silver here and there. I've wanted to wrap gifts like this ever since I watched Zoella (Zoe) and Sprinkle Of Glitter (Louise) do their gift giving video back in 2013 - anyone remember that video?! Both of them went for a rustic sort of theme, all brown paper packages tied up with string (name that reference!) and they looked so cute and effective! So that and Pinterest were my main inspirations for my wrapping theme this year! 

The paper I chose is brown with subtle flecks of champange gold and metallic red deer heads printed allover it. I just love this wrapping. There's not much more to say! I love that the deer heads aren't traditionally Christmasssy, they have like a rustic Christmas vibe, which I think makes it look really unique. This does not mean I don't love the colourful all out Christmas printed paper, don't get me wrong! I bought this paper from Office Spot for $8. It's a two meter roll so some people could say it's a bit pricey, but it is foiled paper so I think it's pretty reasonable. 

I bought a pack of 6 ribbons from Whitcoulls for $7, and I love this pack because they're all different sizes and patterns. As you can see there is a variation of stars, stripes and words, which I love. I've got a few pictures below showing you how I like to tie a perfect bow too, so I'll quickly go through that . . .

- Start by lying your ribbon with a small section hanging over the edge of the left side of the present.

- Wrap the right end of the ribbon under and around the present.

- Twist the two ends of the ribbon as shown.

- Wrap the bottom end horizontally under and around the present, still holding the short end of the ribbon. 

- Pull the end of the ribbon you've just wrapped around the present under the little twist.

- Hold both ends of the ribbon together.

- Tie a tight knot with the two ends.

- Add any tags or decorations then tie a bow.

This leaves you with smooth bottom ribbon with no knots or lumps :) Make sure to tie your knot tightly to ensure that your ribbon won't come undone .

I also tied a few up with string to mix it up and make it look really thoughtful and have a handmade vibe, if that makes any sense haha!

I got the adorable glitter pine cones from Kmart, it was packs of 4 for only $2. These are amazing for decorating presents, and they really suit the rustic theme of my wrapping. I added little bells in silver and gold colours to a few of the gifts too. They were selling a pack of six for $2, with 3 silver bells and three gold. I loved these decorations too because I love the little jingle sounds they made! I love putting ornaments onto gifts because it means they can put them onto the tree if they like, so it makes it a bit more special.

I added little tags to each gift, and I bought them in packs of 10 from Office Spot for $5 a pack. 5 of them were cute retro santas and the other 5 were simple Merry Christmas tags. These gifts were for my parents so I wrote little messages on each one. I love the Santa's especially, the metallic red matches the red on the wrapping which I adore! There is always such a range of tags but I liked these ones the most because they had a decent writing space! 

The stockings aren't a part of my theme but they were too cute to leave! The green one is for my mum and the blue for my dad, and I'm so excited for them to see them on Christmas morning! They were from farmers and were originally $40 each but I got them half price for $20 each, which I thought was so much more reasonable! But then again the stockings are pretty big and really good quality, so they'll last a long time! 

I hope you wrapping lovers out there enjoyed this post, and maybe some others just found this post really fun and festive haha! See you on December 19 for day 10 of 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae (much excite!!!)

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Wrapping Paper: Office Spot
Ribbon Set: Whitcoulls
Pine Cone Decs: Kmart
Bells: Kmart
Tags: Office Spot

What's your wrapping paper theme this year?\

Stay Sweet,

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