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December 05, 2015

Hey guys! Wow, it's day 3 of #12DaysOfSweetAsmae already!I hope you guys like today's post, plus I posted a November favourites (finally), so if you want to check that out click here. I love nail art. That's about it! And when the option is open for seasonal nail art, I kind of get over excited. So this week, I don't just have one design - I have done a different nail design on each nail! So technically in one post you can learn how to create FIVE different nail designs. You can clap for me now. Just kidding! But really, there are five different designs for you to try out. So let's go!


Before beginning anything apply a base coat. There's a huge range of base coats, but today I stuk to my favourite Sinful Colours Base Coat. 

Design One: Christmas Tree

Difficulty Level: Intermediate 
Colours I used: Sinful Colours in "Mint Apple", Rubi Nail Polish in "Graphite", Essie "Penny Talk" and Essie "A List"

How To: Start by painting your whole nail silver. I chose my thumb nail because it's the biggest, and it has the most space for this design. Once COMPLETELY dry use a green colour to paint three triangles in the middle of your nail. The top triangle should be the smallest, and the bottom triangle should be the largest. Once the tree it dry use whichever colours you like to paint small dots onto the tree to look like baubles. My colour scheme was silvers, copper and reds, so I used those shades. The Essie Copper "Penny Talk" is my all time fave! I also painted a small star on the top my my tree :) 

Design Two: Christmas Lights

Difficulty Level: Easy 
Colours I used: L.A Colours in "White", BYS in "Black Satin", Essie "Penny Talk", Essie "A List" and Rubi Nail Polish in "Graphite"

How To: First paint your whole nail white. You could use a different colour, but white is a plain shade that gives you more options for the actual lights. Once the base colour is dry, using a toothpick of nail striper paint a black line diagonally across your nail. This is the lights string. Finish by painting various small dots in different colours to look like a string of lights! It's nice to use simillar colours to the baubles on the Christmas Tree Design, which is what I decided to do.

Design Three: Santa's Belt 

Diffculty Level: Intermediate
Colours I used: Essie "A List", Essie "Penny Talk", BYS in "Black Satin" and L.A Colours in "White"

How To: Firstly paint a base colour of red. I love Essie "A List", the shade is an absolutely exquisite deep classic red. Next use a striper or toothpick to paint two thin white lines on your nail, one at the top and one at the bottom. Next paint a thin line going straight through the middle of your nail. Finish by adding the belt buckle. I used Essie "Penny Talk" to paint a small copper square for my belt buckle. 

Design Four: Present

Difficulty Level: Easy
Colours I used: Sinful Colours in "Mint Apple", Essie "Penny Talk"

How To: This one is super easy and can be altered in any way! Paint a base coat of your choice first, and wait for it to dry. I chose the Sinful Colours shade to match the rest of my colour scheme :) Once dry, use a toothpick or a striper to paint two thin lines, one going vertically down your nail and the other going horizontally down your nail. You could attempt to paint a small bow or even a gift tag, but today I wanted to keep this design simple and added a small silver diamante in the center of the two lines instead. 

Design Five: Candy Cane Swirl

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Colours I used: Essie "A List", L.A Colours in "White"

How To: Paint a base colour of red. You could chose a different colour to alter this design, but since I wanted it festive I chose red. Paint four white triangles coming diagonally out of the center of the nail. Use a toothpick or a striper to paint four thin white lines in between the four triangles. Finally add a small diamante into the middle of the candy cane swirl. This is optional but it looked cute haha ;)

Finish by painting a top coat over all your designs to seal them in. Today I used the Orly Colour Care Snap Dry Top Coat. Do any of you get that thing where your nails are dry but still smudge? This stops that!Once my nails were almost completely dry I applied this and in less than a minute they were rock hard and protected from smudging! Okay, okay, I'll stop rambling now!

So I hope you guys enjoyed day 3 of #12DaysOfSweetAsMae ! I love all of these designs, they're not too diffuclt and they're all so cute and festive. These designs have most probably been done before, but I designed these ones myself to suit my style :) You could alter these designs to be non-festive, but keep in mind that they look best at Christmas time with these colours. Make sure tocomment below if you try these out! My favourite design would have to be the Santa's Belt Design!

What's your favourite design?

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Stay Sweet,

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