Stocking Filler Gift Guide // #12DaysOfSweetAsMae

December 11, 2015

Hey guys! For Day 6 of 12 Days of Sweet As Mae I wanted to give you some inspiration for gifts you could give for your family or friends. These are all stocking filler type gifts, so they're all under $20. I haven't shown you EVERYTHING you could get for under $20, because I would literally be here till Christmas! But I have given you some ideas that could inspire you to other things too :) So let's go!

1. Festive Socks
Festive socks a must for any stocking at Christmas time. There is such a range and even here in NZ where it's Summer at Christmas, cute socks are still a fave! I am going to be honest, I only showed you guys one pair of  mine as I have quite a few! They are little reindeer (Rudolph to be specific haha!) with cute red pom pom noses and glittery gold ears. How could you not love these?! 

2. Photo Frames
I personally think that photo frames are such a nice stocking filler. Like socks, there is an endless range, and it's really nice to give someone a photo frame at Christmas time, either with a photo already taken or so they can put one in from Christmas. I've shown two different photo frames here that are all very simple but pretty. I feel like photo frames are a really thoughtful gift, and they fill a stocking nicely!

3. Little Miss and Mr Books
Does anyone remember these adorable short stories? When I was really little I was obsessed with these! I had so many and used to read them over and over again - Little Miss Fickle was my personal favourite! These are so cute, you could get them to suit someone's personality or as a little joke! I am giving these as gifts, and they are perfect small gifts because they are really affordable! Whitcoulls had the entire range, and each was only $6.

4. Calendars
Calendars are such a great gift idea, it gets everyone excited for 2016, and once again the variety is endless! I love desk calendars in particular, they always complete an office area and look really cute and compact. My friend gave me this Grumpy Cat Daily Desk Calendar as an early Christmas prezzie, and I'm so excited to start using it! I had the wall calendar version of this last year and loved it. This goes to show how you can get funny calendars, pretty calendars, cute calendars . .anything to suit someone's personality! 

5. Stationary
I don't know about you, but I love stationary! I love buying it and receiving it, for me there's just something so nice about a pretty notebook or a cool pen. That sounds lame, but don't lie, everyone loves stationary! I have a pretty pink journal here that's a perfect pocket size, and a calligraphy pen. I'm thinking of giving these to my mum, I know she loves stationary as much as I do! Sticky notes, colouring pencils or general office supplies are also nice stocking filler gifts. 

6. Hand Cream
This is one of my favourite gift ideas, because I love giving hand cream! I feel like people often forget about moisturising, and hands in particular are often neglected. Buying someone a lovely hand cream is like a subtle reminder that moisturising is important, and that they now have a lovely hand cream to do that! The Body Shop offer beautiful hand creams in different sizes, and this one is a limited addition Frosted Plum scent. The limited addition products make it extra special, because they know that not everyone will have the product when Christmas is over. 

7. Phone Case
Lastly, I think phone cases are a really good gift idea. There are cases for many types of phones, and it's nice to start 2016 with a fresh phone case. Typo in particular offer a massive range, and that's where this one is from. I personally love to collect phone cases, and I love giving them to people too! 

I hope you guys found this Gift Guide helpful, and comment below any of your stocking filler suggestions below! Don't forget to comment if you're enjoying 12 Days Of Sweet As Mae, I know I am! It's hard work but I love posting a new festive blog for you guys. See you on the 11th of December! 

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What are your favourite gifts to receive?

Stay Sweet,

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  1. Loving the socks and stationary.

  2. I remember little miss and mr men books!!!! I absolutely loved them and have a full shelf packed with those ;)
    Beautiful! I love the iPhone case as well xxx ❤️

    1. Little Miss and Mr books were amazing eh?! And thanks ♥


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