The Sneaker Series

August 26, 2016

Hello Sweeties! I feel like I'm living in the generation of sneakers and trainers. It's like everyone has dropped the Gucci pumps (like I ever had any of those . . . . haha!) for some Adidas Superstars or Nike Roshes, and I have to say I'm a lover of the trainer trend. The day that comfortable, cute trainers were in fashion I was one happy girl! I'm a big shoe lover at the best of times, but comfortable AND pleasing to look at? I'm sold! I didn't think it was fair to be loving this many sneakers without sharing my favourites with you guys, so here it is! The Sneaker series. 

Image result for converse chuck taylor hi top
Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Top - NZD $100

Personally, I think these classic Chuck Taylor's never go out of style. I love these shoes, they go with absolutely everything and they're so retro. I had the exact same pair a size down that lasted me four years before I had to replace them, they're amazing quality and I cannot rave about them enough! Plus for a pair of good quality sneakers I think the price is pretty reasonable.You can purchase them in a ton of different colours but I like to keep is classic with the OG black and white Chuck Taylor's. 


New Balance 996 Pink and Grey - NZD $160 - no longer available - similar
Image result for new balance 996 pink and grey

I remember when I bought these for my birthday last year (see my 14th Birthday Haul here), and the wear I have gotten out of them is crazy. These are definitely more on the pricey side but I have worn them so much they were 100% worth the money. Great quality, these shoes are so comfortable. I can wear them for hours before my feet get even remotely sore, which makes them perfect for shopping marathons. Despite the pop of pink these surprisingly go with so many outfits, they're so fun to style and can add a little colour when I'm wearing monochrome, which is most of the time. The only thing to keep in mind is the material, if you wear these in the rain they might get ruined because of the suede material. But apart from that, highly recommend, I think New Balance is a great brand and they offer so many styles to suit your preference. 


Adidas Superstars Original Foundation - NZD $130

Image result for adidas superstarsI have to say I think these shoes win for the most worn sneaker of the year! Seriously, these shoes are so popular and I was so excited when I purchased them in the states (see my USA Clothing and Stuff Haul here). I have already worn these a lot and, like my other sneakers/trainers in this post, they go with everything! Sups retro, pretty common but sorry guys I gave in to the Adidas craze. These are slightly less comfortable than the NB trainers but still comfy, and although they're white they're super easy to keep clean because of the leather material. Any marks I can easily wipe away with a wet wipe.

Image result for vans authentic black black
Vans Authentic - Black/Black NZD $99.95

These are my go to I-don't-know-what-to-wear shoes. They're plain, simple black canvas shoes but better quality than your average canvas shoe. We have to wear all black shoes at my school and I usually wear these so they have definitely got the wear they deserve! Perfect for anyone who loves sneakers but wants a subtle branded shoe, I think the Vans brand is hugely underrated. They too offer a lot of other styles and a few of their new retro pairs are on my wishlist!

What is your favourite sneaker/trainer brand?

Stay Sweet,
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  1. Loved this post so much! I always wear canvas pumps but maybe it's time to wear some sneakers - they look so good & so comfy! X

  2. Loved this post so much! I always wear canvas pumps but maybe it's time to wear some sneakers - they look so good & so comfy! X


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