USA Diary: The Biggest Shopping Trip!

August 06, 2016

July 9th, 2016

Today was finally the day! It was Mae's Shopping Marathon. Seriously though, it was probably the best day of my life! My mum, sister and I headed down to West fields San Francisco nice and early and had a snack before starting the shopping. The mall was seven stories high, three of which were Nordstrom alone. 

There was a rooftop wedding being set up - talk about wedding goals!

Looking upwards at West Fields Mall - insane!

Today was so lovely weather-wise - there was absolutely NO FOG! All the locals are really surprised because the skies are so clear! Lucky for us though :) Today was like my clothes and shoes shopping day, and makeup shopping is in a couple days (yes they need separate days!). I made some great purchases and the clothes were all so lovely! Some of my favourite stores were Pacsun, Zara and Victoria Secret. I'm gonna be honest here, Forever 21 was not my favourite. It was so hyped up my expectations were quite high, to be fair, but I wouldn't say it was a stand out store. It wasn't bad at all, I purchased a few lovely items (clothing haul coming soon!!!) it just wasn't anything different to stores in NZ if you get what I mean. For my NZ readers it was essentially a gigantic Valley girl. I know some people will disagree, but Forever 21 was not a stand out for me personally. It was still good though. Ok that whole ramble makes sense but oh well!

The shopping marathon lasted about six hours before us girls cracked and had to go back to the hotel! We went to a delicious Italian restaurant for dinner which served gelato mousse cakes for dessert (only in America!). It was nice dinner to reminisce over our trip so far. 

What is your favourite clothing store?

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