Winter Flat Lays

August 16, 2016

Hello Sweeties! Although I'm in love with the floaty fabrics and pretty prints of Summer fashion, I can't deny my obsession with Winter clothing. This year in particular I have really gone to town with my Winter fashion choices, so I wanted to share a few of my favourite outfits with you today - but kickin it old school with some fashion flat lays.


Button up Pinafore - Glassons, Turtleneck Skivvy - Glassons, Kahki Anorak coat - Jay Jays (out of stock), New Balance 996, Black satchel bag - no longer available 

The pinafore was 100% a Winter staple for me this year. Pinafores are so cute and really easy to dress up or down, plus there was a ton of styles and colours available this year. The coat is probably familar as I raved about it in my May Favourites (see that post here), and this is one of my favourite ways to style it. It sits really nicely over the pinafore and the khaki colour was very on-trend this Winter. Turtleneck skivvys were a must for me this Winter, they look great under everything and are so easy to throw on. I styled this outfit with my beloved New Balance sneakers in this pic, but if it was really cold out I would generally pair it with ankle boots and tights. I wore this satchel bag to death this season too, I unfortunately have no idea where it's from or whether or not it's even available but the brand is Gabee. It's definitely got the wear it deserves, I adore satchel style bags and this one can fit a whole lot without looking to bulky. 

Turtle Neck Top, BLACK/IVORY



Turtleneck striped Jersey - Dotti (no longer available - similar), Ripped Jeans - Cotton On (no longer available - similar), California Socks - Brandy Melville, Authentic Black Vans - North Beach, 

I couldn't do a Winter flat lay post without giving the turtleneck a little s/o. Turtlenecks really seemed to hit the spotlight this season. I love turtlenecks so much and I managed to incorporate them into almost every Winter outfit haha! This turtleneck sweater from Dotti was one of my personal faves. It's monochrome, striped and has a turtleneck. What more could you want from a sweater? I loved pairing it with ripped jeans for a more casual look, and as most of you know I was a huge lover of these jeans in particular this Winter (see my How To Style Ripped Jeans post here). Keeping it casual with some authentic Vans but making it a little unique with the B.M socks. I've been obsessed with funky socks this season too, I gotta say I'm a lover of that high sock with sneaker look. 


Peachy Short Sleeve T-shirt - Pacsun/John Galt, Bomber Jacket - Brandy Melville (not available online), Patch Mom Jeans - Zara,  Smiley Face Socks - Forever 21 (not available online), Adidas Superstars - Platypus, Rose Gold Watch - Aeropostale

Although this whole outfit is from my trip to the states which wasn't too long ago, I have still worn this look a lot since I got back. These jeans are probably my favourite Winter item in all honesty! They're so cool and different to anything else I own. The Peachy T-shirt has been a favourite of mine recently, it's so simple but goes with so many items. This bomber jacket is so retro and comfy, it's possibly the softest item I own and it keeps me really warm. Another pair of funky socks, these were from Forever 21 and I have been wearing them with a lot of my clothes recently. My Adidas superstars are for sure getting the love they deserve, I've worn them heaps lately and I love how they look. Lastly this rose gold watch holds place of pride in my accessory stash. These watches were really on-trend this year and I was so happy to finally own one. 

What was your Winter staple?

Stay Sweet,
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  1. I love pinafores! I rarely wear them now though as it's way too cold for me haha
    Kathy x

    1. They're definitely a perfect all-year round item :)


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