USA Diary: Bye Bye States!

August 09, 2016

July 13th, 2016

Twas' a long day! Our flight back to NZ wasn't until 9:30pm so we had a whole day just waiting to get home. We were all super tired so as you can imagine it was a little tense! We went and saw the Painted Ladies in the morning, they were so so pretty and I got some cool shots of the vintage houses. My brother, dad and I had a look into the science museum while my mum and sister popped into the art gallery. The museum was pretty cool, it had a mini aquarium and an indoor rain forest section. 

I got some awesome shots of the jellyfish in the aquarium :)
I found Dory (yes I did just make that joke)

We headed back to our hotel and got a bite to eat, and then it was back to the waiting game. Waiting, waiting waiting until it wasn't ridiculously early to head to the airport. When the time to go finally rolled around I was pretty glad, although I adored the states I was ready to go home! 

Once at the airport we had more waiting until it was time to get on the plane. And guess what? Our twelve hour flight turned into a fourteen hour flight. A flight was delayed and 74 passengers were connected to our flight, and it took and hour and a half for them to arrive and get settled. Then it was really windy so that added half and hour to the flight time. But, despite the extra hours I actually found the flight home a lot more pleasant than the flight there! I watched some good movies, the food was a lot nicer and I got a decent 6 hours sleep. I definitely preferred the flight  back :)

When we finally landed we were all so jet lagged! I was asleep by 7! And that's where Mae's adventures in the states end, but I will 100% go back one day. I loved it.

What's the longest flight you've been on?

Stay Sweet,
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