USA Diary: Mae Hits The Redwoods!

August 08, 2016

July 12th

Today was my last full day in America. Although the thought of leaving the states made me sad I still enjoyed the day, it was a lovely way to spend our final day here. I started off the day going to Brandy Melville with my dad to give my mum a break (because I hadn't done enough shopping already), it wasn't in the West fields more we I did most of my shopping so I went there this morning. It was such a cool store, really retro and unique and the style was so different to anything I've ever seen before. The biggest range of 2016 hits 1970's items, I loved it all so much! 

After a spot of shopping my dad and I went and had a look at San Francisco's "crooked Lombard Street". It was really cool and there were a ton of people going done the twisty street on Segways (dream transportation). We took a few trips on the trams to get back to our hotel and I managed to hang off the side like they do in movies, it was pretty surreal! 

The afternoon was spent with another tour, but this time across the Golden Gate bridge and straight to the famous Redwoods (again, waiting for Planet Of The Apes scenes to come to life!). It was one o the most beautiful things I've ever seen! The trees were so tall and pretty, the whole woods was basically one big photo op! I even spotted a little fawn between the trees, and everyone around went silent when they saw it. They actually have a redwoods in Rotorua, but San Francisco's is a lot bigger and the trees are insane. 

Next we continued our tour and stopped at Sausalito for an icecream - Sausalito was so pretty and had a really relaxed, beachy vibe. I loved it there but I wished I could've explored it a little more! We took a ferry back and got some amazing views of the San Francisco Skyline. Didn't get a whole lot of pics there but luckily I have more Redwoods photos haha!

We finished our last evening in the states with a delicious seafood dinner at Fisher mans wharf and reminisced of our amazing time in the states. It's pretty crazy coming from little New Zealand and going somewhere as huge as America! 

Ferry views :)

Have you ever seen an amazing form of nature?

Stay Sweet,
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