USA Diary: Go For Gold(en Gate Bridge)

August 06, 2016

July 10th, 2016

Started this morning with an amazing brunch at our hotels buffet. Smoothies, croissants, waffles, I always find buffets quite dangerous because there's so much to eat. I always get carried away and end up feeling a tad overfull! Had a little relax time back in our rooms before heading out on our San Francisco City bus Tour! 

We visited the Golden Gate Bridge (no fog yet again - pretty much a miracle for San Fran!), another awesome landmark to see in real life! I was kind of waiting for that scene of Planet of The Apes to break out before my eyes. Luckily no apes started tearing the bridge apart, and I managed to get some lovely shots of the bridge.

Twin Peaks :)

The tour continued and we saw the views from Twin Peaks, plus saw some of the vintage homes in central San Francisco. Possibly the most beautiful city I've ever seen! I could easily live here, it's so so nice. Our bus driver told us some cool facts about the city too, including that the law is you can only buy dogs from shelters (no pure bred dogs) to reduce dogs without homes. They also hang rainbow flags for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights. Can a city get more beautiful?? Okay I know that was a little deep but really, what a lovely place. 

That night we went to a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown for dinner. It had one of the big Chinese turntables so you order lots of food and all try a little of each dish. It was a really fun experience, although I can't say chopsticks were my strong point. Luckily the restaurant offered utensils for us amateurs! 

What is your favourite place on earth?

Stay Sweet,
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  1. I think you've been to more places in SF than I have, even though I live quite close! I've always wanted to visit Twin Peaks and the Painted Ladies (:

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

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