The Struggles Behind A Perfect Instagram

August 18, 2016

Hello Sweeties! Most of you reading this will probably have at least one instagram account. You know, that social media platform where you pretend your life is that little bit more interesting than it actually is through photos (I know I for sure do that every so often ;) ). I feel like people don't take into account the struggles that go behind every snapshot on your gram, so I wanted share a few of my own instagram struggles with you today. QUICK DISCLAIMER: All the situations in this post are all true but it is a bit of joke so don't take it too seriously haha!


I snapped this gram pic at Disneyland California Adventure Park in Anaheim. I was pretty happy with the end result, but the effort that went into this shot is more than you would think. Firstly I had to wait what felt like an hour for a herd of 5 year old princesses to totter their way through my photo. Yes, I'll admit, they were cute at first. But if only they could giggle a little less and walk a little faster when interrupting my instagram photo session. Then the sun decided to go behind a cloud. Pretty sure it saw me ready to hit the photo button and purposely killed my perfect lighting. How rude. By the time both the sun and Disney-loving children decided to cooperate my family was halfway to the other side of the pier. But at least I got the shot.


This may seem like an easy shot. Oh no, this picture is filled with behind the scenes dilemmas. First off, when my food arrived and the first thing I do is whip out my camera the waitress looked a little startled. "Does she really need to take a photo of everything she eats?" Her facial expression said it all. Yes, I do. Sorry, but I can't have 3 pictures of myself in a row and I need a space filler. Then I have the issue of pretty much salivating because I'm so hungry and I'm wasting precious eating time taking a pic of some french toast. This picture is full of not only controversy but negative vibes too. 


This photo hides many struggles. The struggles begin as I waste time  trying to think of a semi-normal pose and then decide it would be easier to not show my face at all. No smiling needed, I'll just stand back on and let the background do the work. Wrong. I realised too late that standing back on gave opportunity for awkward eye contact with oncoming bridge-goers. Then I have the issue of my bun being that little bit too lopsided. But there's no time to fix my hair style while people are heading right for me across the bridge. Can this situation get worse? I think not. 


This is an interesting one. Quick confession, I was wearing PJ's on my top half. I was lying in bed stalking my own instagram - sad, I know - when I had the sudden urge to take a few pics. I get up and completely dress my bottom half, complete with shoes and socks to match. Completely normal I promise. Then I can't find a white floor that isn't covered in nighttime shadows (it's only 11:00pm, why is the lighting not perfect?), so I decide to throw a towel on the floor. On no, the shadows continue. Not to mention the giant creases at the top half of the photo. Good one. And then we have the fact that my thumb is in a broken position and I can't get my hand to sit right. Lastly, it's out of focus. Seriously, I just wanted a pic of my watch. Why is life so hard. 

Do you have any instagram struggles?

Stay Sweet,
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  1. It takes me like 20 minutes to take a picture so i end up giving up and just post random trash. OPPS... #SoProfessional

  2. haha this was great! I can so relate to a lot of these as well, every time I take a food shot I'm always torn between wanting to take a great photo and just eating the food!

    1. Same here! Glad you enjoyed the post :)


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